What is the Map of the Future?

I do not know what we will do tomorrow but I know it will be different from what we do today!

In the last six months, I have come to realise there is a quiet revolution occurring in thinking across many facets of our society. It has been said that “necessity is the mother of invention” and there are many examples of this littering history, almost from the beginnings of our presence on this planet. However, many are abstract, undertaken by others, or seem so huge they are out of reach of what we as individuals can achieve. This is perhaps, no longer the case.

Since the early development of this revolutionary program at Hexagon Geospatial, to the big reveal of Hexagon Smart M.App® technology at the recent HXGN LIVE 2015 global conference, we at Sterling Geo have been heavily involved. In preparation for the conference, we spent 2 days of filming in 4 locations with 16 individuals from 8 organisations in the UK. Over 500 hours of work involving 50+ interviewees, decision makers, technicians, film crews, marketeers, organisers and others – condensed into just 5 minutes of. The outcome provided just part of the story of which I believe is a revolution in the way that geography and geospatial technology will be implemented moving forward.

Get a sense of the excitement across the UK about Hexagon Smart M.Apps, from Milton Keynes, UK Space Agency and many other organizations.

So, why did the organisations involved put this amount of effort into such a short piece of history?  The answer is simple: because those involved across government and industry, are beginning to embrace the title of this short missive. They have all realised that the challenges of tomorrow cannot be met with the solutions of today. Many, including myself, do not know exactly what the ultimate answer is, but that is not as important. What is critical is the feeling that whilst we do not know whether we need to move in direction A or B, what we do know is that we need to embrace the change that will happen and move  – the status quo is no longer acceptable. And looking across the playing field, Hexagon Smart M.Apps is that change, and has more potential than anything we’ve ever seen before.

UK Councils such as Milton Keynes are at the forefront of this attitudinal revolution. As the fastest growing city in the UK, they are actively embracing change and using it as a catalyst to evolve. Their partnership with the Satellite Applications Catapult defines this mindset. Catapult sees space technology as a brave new world for local government in the UK, and applies it to issues such as planning, transport, environmental management and future development..

As early adopters of the Hexagon Smart M.Apps technology, pilot applications are already emerging addressing planning and the environment, including the Green/Grey  Analyzer. Using business analytics and cloud-based spatial modeling, change in green space is monitored across the city, with the aim  of delivering valuable information direct to the key decision makersSmart M.Apps Grey-Green Analyzer

About the Author
Andy Wells

Andy is the Business Development Director at Sterling Geo. He has over 20 years’ experience working as a geospatial specialist, capturing customers’ requirements and providing solutions on some of the UK’s largest programmes. These include:
• Military deployed capability
• National and international data capture programmes
• Business critical hosted solutions
• Major change detection and object identification flowlines
Andy is a geographer from birth. Having completed undergraduate, postgraduate and post-doctoral posts in geography / remote sensing, he graduated to the commercial world in 1995. Since then he has thoroughly enjoyed applying all aspects of geospatial technology across numerous markets, applications and countries. He is married with two children and enjoys rugby (watching now not playing) and Geocaching in his spare time.

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