What is a Smart M.App?

In his Geospatial Keynote at HxGN LIVE in Hong Kong, Hexagon Geospatial President Mladen Stojic introduced us to the Map of the Future, the Hexagon Smart M.App. But what is a Smart M.App? How is it different from other smart maps?

What is a Smart M.App?

The Hexagon Smart M.App is an online cloud application that really shifts the paradigm of how and what maps communicate. Through history, maps have been powerful tools, allowing us to pinpoint locations and pass that information to others. But a map conveys a multitude of different meanings, and the onus of interpretation is on the person viewing the map. So in a sense, it transports information without actually communicating anything. And that is a problem.

There are four main ingredients that set a Hexagon Smart M.App apart.


A Smart M.App is dynamic. Through establishing content partnerships, we provide a steady stream of data that powers your Smart M.App. We want to make it easy for you to plug the latest data into your map and quickly update the results without having to reinvent the wheel–or at least without having to go through all of the steps involved in building a new wheel.


A Smart M.App also needs to answer a specific problem. By using our M.App Portfolio platform, we empower our partners to use their business domain knowledge to build a map that answers the specific questions that crop up in their daily work.


To gain an understanding of what the data is telling us, you need to analyze the data. You need to build both spatial and business analytics that pare back the layers of information and create a usable model that quickly conveys information.


We have all seen bad maps. Maps that are not just poorly designed, but actually impede the interpretation of data. The Hexagon Smart M.App has been designed to allow our partners the leniency to change that map experience to fit the best way to communicate. This is really the key to the Smart M.App: communicating answers so we can make sense of the dynamically changing world.

Join us in the coming weeks as we explore more fully what makes up a Hexagon Smart M.App. We will be delving in depth into the four constituent parts of a Smart M.App and looking at how they come together to form the Map of the Future.