What Are the Flatlands?

What are the flatlands? What does it mean to escape the flatlands? During the Geospatial Keynote at HxGN LIVE 2017, President Mladen Stojic talks about how the geospatial industry has become stranded in the data “flatlands” and how we need to embrace the changing face of geospatial information and escape the flatlands to a new paradigm of communication.

First, what exactly are the flatlands? In this case, we don’t only mean that the map is not 3 Dimensional. The flatlands refer to a static, flat, simplistic mode for communicating information. Most of our content experience is done through a 2D surface such as a flat panel screen, tablet, phone, or maps. But our world is complex, dynamic, and multi-dimensional. Traditionally, technology has dictated that we simplify this world in order to understand it. Although this is no longer the case, we need to make sure we communicate in a dynamic, easily-digested experience.

We want our digital experiences to be dynamic and fresh, more like the real world. Our vision is to transform the way we communicate geospatial information and present it in a way that makes sense to others, inspires, and ultimately helps us escape the flatlands.

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