We Invite Google Users & Partners to Rev Their Engines!

For map lovers around the world, Google has connected places to people, making geography interesting and relevant to billions+. With its launch, Google Earth was a disruptive technology and product that changed the game and an industry. Google gave us a  “fresh air” approach to seeing our living  planet in a dynamic way, increasing engagement and collaboration. Google’s geospatial technologies have opened the doors to new opportunities, broadcasting the versatility of geospatial content combined with 3D visualization software.

As we all know, Google is very strategic about their investments and focus areas. With their recent announcement, we know some Google partners and customers are now exploring other technology options. We share your love for the dynamically changing world – and want to help you continue to make sense of it.

Hexagon Geospatial is a trusted, reliable, professional, software organization. We provide a comprehensive enterprise geospatial platform for producing 3D datasets from multi-source content, fusing geospatial datasets to build accurate 3D worlds, and ultimately delivering that digital experience to desktop, web and mobile applications. The following graphic shows how the Hexagon Geospatial Power Portfolio provides Google partners and customers with a complete solution:suite connectivity graphic- words-01

As a part of Hexagon, we are the software division of the world’s largest geospatial company. By bringing together the best of breed technologies (Intergraph, ERDAS, LH Systems, ER Mapper, Ionic) that span the main geospatial genres, we have a combined, rich history of over 100 years of collective knowledge and IP, committed to solving complex geospatial problems. We understand your appreciation for simplicity combined with sophistication. We have the geospatial intelligence and knowledge to continue to foster your success. We are committed to offering leading geospatial products to build and deploy your 2D and 3D applications.

As an organization, it’s important to know that we are completely partner focused. This means that we don’t compete with our partners.  Instead, we bring business to our partners and work alongside our channel to ensure that we succeed together.

Below is a table offering a migration plan by product:Google-to-Power Portfolio map

We invite you to join us – we are eager to hear your story! Don’t hesitate to contact us at abetterchoice@hexagon.com.

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