[VIDEO] TBT: How Easy Access to Data Changed the Dutch Geospatial Landscape

Last year at the Geospatial Keynote at HxGN LIVE we were proud to feature our Dutch Distributor IMAGEM, and the way they have used the Power Portfolio to change the face of the Netherlands. They are forward-thinking and innovative company, fostering relationships with numerous companies who are pushing the boundaries of what it means to use geospatial data.

Dotka Data: Rapid Access Changes How You Use Geospatial Data

Dotka Data recognized the massive amount of mapping data collected since Napoleonic times, and provides information for individual consumers, municipalities, consulting agencies, construction companies, graphic designers and more. Dotka has created a comprehensive, historic time-series library of maps and imagery covering over 200 years of Dutch history. These reports provide customized information for any area of interest to better understand the past and adequately prepare for the future. The archive is formed by digitizing archives of aerial photographs and maps into digitally remastered and georeferenced databases for online distribution.

Making this data available to customers has empowered thousands of companies to harness the power of geospatial data. From accurately locating and disposing of unexploded ornance from World War II to planning for the future; from tapping in to a common thread of location and telling stories to urban change detection in 4D, Dotka has used Hexagon Geospatial technology to change the world. We were proud to share their story.

Who will be featured this year? How are other companies changing the face of geospatial technology? Join us this year at HxGN LIVE in Las Vegas, when we share their stories.

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