Cloud-Based Exploitation for Defense and Intelligence

In many ways, “the cloud” can be an amorphous topic. Is the where your data is located? Where the computing is done? How can the Defense and Intelligence industry benefit from cloud-based exploitation? What benefit do we at Hexagon Geospatial see in “the cloud” what do we mean by it?

Benefits of Cloud-Based ExploitationMany of today’s defense and intelligence organizations are moving to cloud-based architectures since large desktop-based configurations face major issues of high-cost and slow pace of innovation. Hear about the latest developments focused on the defense and intelligence market and about the promising future in cloud-based exploitation.

In this conversation at HxGN LIVE Las Vegas, we talk with Rob Mott of Hexagon US Federal, Mathias Mueller of Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure Europe and Dave Monaghan of Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure Canada. They each provide points of view specific to their region, but we also find a lot of common ground: performing high-end processing of geospatial data on the cloud gives some very specific benefits to our customers.

HxGN TV Cloud-Based Exploitation for Defense and Intelligence