Meet the Hexagon Geospatial US Sales Team – Part 2

Say hello to our application engineers and consultants on the United States Sales Team! If you’ve tuned into our biweekly Snapshot Webcast Series, chances are you’ve heard from one of our team members below. Our application engineers and consultants know our software backwards and forwards and are responsible for conducting demonstrations and giving presentations at our Americas trade shows.

Joe Mostowy, Sr. Applications Engineer

Joe MostowyI have been with Hexagon Geospatial for over sixteen years working in various positions in technical sales, marketing and product management roles. Currently, I am a Senior Software Consultant for geospatial products specializing in UAV and Photogrammetry. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Psychology from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay Ontario along with an Advanced Diploma in Remote Sensing/GIS from COGS in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Canada. I like working in sales because I get to meet the clients face-to-face and provide them with solutions. It’s exciting to watch a solution go from concept to deliverable. Outside of work, I enjoy many outdoor activities like Snowboarding, mountain/road biking, motorcycle rides, as well as fine food and making my own beer.

 Frank Obusek, Applications Engineer

Frank Obusek

I am an Applications Engineer supporting the Hexagon Geospatial US Sales Team. Holding a master’s degree in Geology from Bowling Green State University, I have worked in the field of remote sensing since the mid-1990s. My in-depth understanding of the geospatial challenges of my customers extends from my many years working for and/or with federal, state and local governments, as well as owning my own geospatial services business and also being a customer of ERDAS IMAGINE for 9 years. My primary expertise and day-to-day activities entail ERDAS IMAGINE and technologies immediately connected to raster, point cloud and vector data processing. Most notably, feature extraction has been a main thread of activities over the last 13 years.

Michael Ann (Mike) Lane, Applications Engineer

Mike LaneI am an Applications Engineer, providing pre-sales for most of the Hexagon Geospatial Portfolio. I also work with the Education market, promoting and working with the Hexagon Geospatial U (University) program. I’ve been with the company for almost 16 years, in 5 different roles on 3 different continents. I love to travel, and my career at Hexagon Geospatial has enabled me to see the world. I am now back in the US, living in Colorado, enjoying this beautiful state. I love working at Hexagon Geospatial because everyone is genuinely dedicated. We take pride in what we do and everyone is always willing to help one another.

Yan Trudeau, Geospatial Enterprise Consultant

I have worked in the IT industry for the past 18 years. I started wYan Trudeauorking at Hexagon Geospatial in 2008 acting today as a Geospatial Enterprise Consultant. I am a strong advocate of helping organizations understand key benefits of applying and maintaining best practices in Enterprise GIS. Hexagon is a great company that offers a breadth of endless possibilities in the IT industry. Being a real creative and social person, I love spending time with customers and prospects to make each of them successful in leveraging those great capabilities we have to offer. Working with the US Sales Team is so fun that it allowed a Canadian from Quebec City to discover many beautiful states from the East to West coast in a really short period of time! In my spare time I love to cook really nice meals for my family and friends and enjoy the good times spent around the table.

Dave Holmes, Business Consultant

Dave HolmesI am a Business Consultant for Hexagon Geospatial. I enjoy working in business development at Hexagon Geospatial for three main reasons. The first reason being that Hexagon Geospatial people are great to work with, passionate about their work, and focused on serving customers. Secondly, our customers are doing amazing things with our technology. And third, our technology is still the coolest stuff around. Outside of work, I enjoy time with family, running/biking/swimming for exercise and competition, and participating in the life of my church. My favorite memory of our sales team is team-building at the LSU/ARK game last November.

Stay tuned for the final blog of our three part series, where you will be introduced to US sales management and the Americas team who support our US Sales Team!

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