A Unique Partnership with Skybox Imaging

Emerging players in the geospatial industry are taking the concept of making sense of our changing world to the next level.

SkyBox Imaging has helped to define the next level by producing and launching a series of microsatellites that deliver high-resolution imagery and video for commercial companies that need to monitor change-detection. Skybox Imaging is planning on launching a constellation of 24 satellites that will provide sub-meter imagery and full-motion video.

Hexagon Geospatial and Skybox Imaging partner for imagery processing in ERDAS IMAGINE

At HxGN Live 2014, Hexagon Geospatial announced its partnership with Skybox Imaging to provide imagery and data processing through ERDAS IMAGINE 2014. This partnership supports Skybox Imaging’s constellation of earth imaging satellites.

Leveraging on the agreement, users can easily process and analyze images collected with SkySat-1, the first commercial earth observation microsatellite from Skybox Imaging.

ERDAS IMAGINE 2014 has added support for SkySat-1, and users can refine the geo-referencing. ERDAS IMAGINE also provides a host of analytics to get the most out of your Skybox imagery.

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