UAV Mapping Solution with Hexagon Geospatial

Global Positioning (GPS) and Internet are examples of technologies initially developed for military applications that transcended to civilian space and have dramatically transformed government, business, and personal lives. Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology is another such example where civilian usage is experiencing exponential demand and growth in Asia.

At present, UAVs in Asia are mostly used for monitoring, be it public safety and security or environmental/natural resources. Hexagon offers end-to-end UAV mapping solutions from mission planning, data acquisition, data processing to distribution.

A constant flow of information fuses Real-World with the Digital-World

A constant flow of information fuses Real-World with the Digital-World

Using imagery collected with UAVs mounted with Leica Geosystem’s precision camera systems, users can generate densely populated point cloud DSMs through Hexagon Geospatial’s ImageStation Automated Elevation – Extended (ISAE-E), and highly accurate ortho-photos through ImageStation OrthoPro. The large amounts of data from raw and processed imagery can be catalogued, managed and delivered through ERDAS APOLLO.

Learn more about our Hexagon’s dynamic geospatial portfolio that offers end-to-end solutions.

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