Top Five Reasons We Are Giving Thanks in 2015

In the U.S., the last Thursday in November is Thanksgiving, a holiday that we set aside to give thanks for all of the goodness in our lives, both big and small. In the spirit of that holiday, we at Hexagon Geospatial would like to take a moment to share some of the top reasons we have for giving thanks.

5Meeting you in Hong Kong: We are thankful for the chance to connect with our customers and partners from the Asia-Pacific region at HxGN LIVE Hong Kong. Face-to-face communication is one of the most effective and meaningful ways to establish and maintain a relationship with each other, and it can be hard for us to connect like that when we are spread around the globe. That is why HxGN LIVE Hong Kong was so important to us. In his Geospatial Keynote, Mladen got a chance to share our vision with those of you who might find travel to the U.S. difficult, and demonstrate how Hexagon Geospatial is at the forefront to help you with Shaping Change.

4Meeting you in Las Vegas: Likewise, we are thankful for the chance to meet with you twice in one year. In the HxGN LIVE Las Vegas conference in June, we could begin to lay out the groundwork for how we intend to alter the topography of the Geospatial industry. Change can be scary, but if your are properly prepared and have the right tools, we can face change without fear.

3Helping you create the Map of the Future: It really is true, with the Hexagon Smart M.App we are seeking to create a big change—an order of magnitude—in the way the traditional geospatial market works. And we are very thankful that we were able to launch this innovative and groundbreaking technology this year. By combining dynamic content from Content Partners like Airbus Defence and Space and Ordnance Survey, Business Workflows provider by knowledgeable partners, powerful analytics and a meaningful presentation experience, together we can change the world, one Smart M.App at a time.

2Providing the Tools you need: To change the world, you need the right tools. Whether that be traditional desktop tools like ERDAS IMAGINE, ImageStation, or GeoMedia, we are happy to give you best-in-industry software from the Producer Suite that can help you create answers. Likewise, we are happy to build ERDAS APOLLO and ECW products from the Provider Suite that make it easy and fast to provide data to your users. We are also excited that Platform Suite products like GeoMedia Smart Client, Geospatial Portal and Mobile MapWorks provide you with extensible solutions to customize your business workflows.

1You: The one thing that we are most thankful for is you, our customer. We are inspired by your goals. We admire your enthusiasm for changing the world. We value your loyalty. We are dedicated to bringing you the best software, the richest platform, the most powerful experience to help you shape change in your world.

From the entire team here at Hexagon Geospatial, thank you for your support and for trusting us to provide you with the tools that can make this world a smarter place to live.

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