The Power of Connections at HxGN LIVE Las Vegas 2019

We live in a hyper-connected world. Our phones are connected, our homes are connected, our cars are connected. The IoT has brought millions of connected devices, all talking to each other.

This has created a huge surplus of data; how do we sift through the noise to find the helpful information? How do we combine the streams of data into a single Common Operating Picture from which we can make informed decisions? How do we connect the geospatial data world with the operational world?

Because we are so connected, each decision we make impacts the ecosystem around us. It has been said that each action we take is like throwing a rock into a pond – the ripples flow out, amplifying and cancelling out as they meet the ripples from other rocks.

How do we make sense of all of this?

The Geospatial track at HxGN LIVE 2019 in Las Vegas is dedicated to demonstrating how the power of location intelligence can provide the foundation for demonstrating how location intelligence empowers you to examine and understand connections in the modern world, allowing you to influence the direction of the change happening around you.

Geospatial Keynote | The Power of Connections

Wednesday, 12 June 2019 | 3:30 PM PDT

In my keynote, I will examine how Smart cities and nations are interconnected ecosystems, built from many parts. Making decisions in these complex environments demands more than simple communication between data, systems, and people. It requires connection. I will discuss the power of connections and demonstrate how interlinking the geospatial and operational worlds improves the lives of citizens, increases national security, and lays the foundation for an autonomous future.

Connect with the Experts in The Zone

In The Zone you can interact with the latest in geospatial technology and talk to our subject matter experts. See how Hexagon uses location intelligence to not only bridge the geospatial-operational divide, but to establish rich connections between ecosystems.

Connections in the Real World – Sessions and Presentations

What do these connections look like in the real world? We have invited customers from around the globe to come to Las Vegas and share how they are using location intelligence to understand and shape the world around them. With dozens of sessions featuring customer success stories, thought leadership, and product updates, you will collect a wealth of information that will help you and your teammates shape smart change. And if you have a great story to tell at the conference, we’d love to hear from you.

Learning to Make the Connections – Hands-On Training

Sometimes gaining hands-on experience is the best way to connect the dots. Our teams have been working tirelessly to create some powerful and informative training sessions for you. Whether it is Deep Learning to sift through the data, real-time situational awareness to make smarter decisions, or using location technology to drive citizen engagement and e-participation, we have over 50 hours of hands-on training available for free.

Connecting with Each Other – Networking

Part of the power of HxGN LIVE is the connections that we create with each other. As the premiere user conference for Hexagon customers around the world, this provides valuable time to meet and exchange ideas. Whether it’s in The Zone, asking questions during sessions and training, or at the networking events we have planned, the connections we forge here are the most important part of this conference – Come and Join Us!

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