The Mobile Data Management Tool that Transformed Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Workflow!

Mornington Peninsula Shire saw it coming, and moved swiftly in response – their asset data collection and validation system (managed through third-party contractors) was turning more complex by the day. The Shire was faced with multiple issues primarily stemming from outdated technology preventing them from adhering to core data collection requirements.

Mornington Peninsula Shire Core Asset Data Collection Requirements

Mornington Peninsula Shire Core Asset Data Collection Requirements

Hexagon Geospatial had been working with the Mornington Peninsula Shire for over 10 years and took on the challenge of implementing a mobile data management solution that integrated with their centralised and interoperable asset information system. Used as the single tool for users collecting data in the field, GeoMedia® Smart Client holds all asset information in a centralised location, and enables the Council to collect, manage, and share data securely within and outside its departments. Information is made available to internal personnel and external contractors alike. The application’s ease of use enables even inexperienced or non-GIS users to exploit the wealth of information contained in the database. Silver lining to the cloud is enabling service providers to access and update the asset management system from the field, through the mobile! GeoMedia Smart Client online and offline forms, and integrated workflows are available to the field crew on mobile devices (tablets). You can catch Davey Smith (Project Manager of Renewal Planning at Mornington Peninsula Shire) at HxGN LIVE 2014! He’s presenting the GeoMedia Smart Client based solution at this international conference. Have you signed up yet? Learn more on Hexagon Geospatial’s solutions.

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