The Synergy of Hexagon Geosystems and Hexagon Geospatial – National Mapping Agency Applications

Great stories start with Hexagon. Synergy is often a key word at corporate level, but in a worldwide and multicultural company it is a real challenge. Nevertheless the synergy is real on the field and I have a nice example to share, like building an end-to-end national mapping agency solution with the hardware and software produced by Hexagon Geosystems and Hexagon Geospatial.

GEOSYSTEMS France has a strong technical expertise, from image data acquisition to the full photogrammetric process and the complete chain of managing geospatial data. It is our strength to address emerging markets like in North Africa, where we are successful in helping National Mapping Institutes develop their skills and productivity for the development of the countries. Based on long term trust and confidence relationship, together with Leica Geosystems, we supported the National Mapping Agency of Morocco (ANCFCC) to implement their complete geospatial data production solution. It is a structural long-term project that enables the full life cycle of geographic data to be fully digital, in order to reach the level of accuracy and completeness  in force in western countries.

The full project implemented in 3 phases started with a brand new Beechcraft 350, equipped with the ADS80 digital camera coupled with the ALS 70 laser scanner for data collection, to photogrammetric processing with Leica XPro tightly combined with IMAGINE Photogrammetry (formerly LPS) to produce huge volumes of orthomosaic, DTM, DSM and 3D vector data; and finally into complete data management and delivery using ERDAS APOLLO Professional. One of our challenge was to use only Hexagon Geospatial software and to deliver the best performances compare to the competitors. The processing center was set up and configured by mixing the power of Leica XPro and IMAGINE Photogrammetry to achieve high performance.  With a production benchmark of 1200 km², ANCFCC was impressed by the ease and speed of production.

A key point of success for such project was the quality of the technology transfer. This is another challenge we faced successfully. More than just delivering basic training courses, we developed a full cycle of training and assistance sessions, to raise the professional skills at a productive level.

Watch more about how Geosystems France helped the National Mapping Agency of Morocco.

About the Author

Patrice Lemire

Patrice Lemire is the managing director of GEOSYSTEMS France, a French company that he founded in 2006 as dedicated distributor of Hexagon Geospatial solutions for France and French speaking countries in Africa. Patrice is educated as Hydrographer of the French Navy Hydrographic Office where he spent more than 10 years to work over the seas worldwide. In 2001 he disembarked and joined Leica Geosystems as photogrammetry support engineer.