Sustainability and Smart Water Management

Did you know that up to 60 percent of water lost worldwide is due to leaky pipes? At the same time, global water usage continues to increase at twice the rate of population growth. We need ways to better understand water usage and practice smart water management to protect this valuable resource.

Problems such as leaky pipes can be avoided by implementing solutions that can help us understand the issue and make better-informed decisions.

In this segment of a Hexagon Geospatial division keynote for HxGN LIVE Global, Division President Mladen Stojic talks about the importance of sustainability with a focus on water management. He shows an example of how Hexagon Smart M.Apps were used to help a partner in Focșani, Romania, build a solution to address this problem.

The city of Focșani has over 1500 kilometers of water and sewer infrastructure that supports 80,000 households. City officials needed to prioritize how they spend their infrastructure budget, so they needed to understand more about the leaks and other damages that were being reported.

M.App Enterprise is a cloud-based platform with functionality that includes letting you connect to all your organization’s data sources and fuse them together so that you can visualize them in a single map view. Specifically, the city connected to:

  • network data (including for new extensions that were recently made to the network)
  • details and locations of historical problems that were reported
  • population density information by regions of the city
  • real-time data that was being read from smart water meters

In addition, M.App Enterprise’s Feature Analyzer component lets you run analytics on the combined data by answering, in its map-centered dashboard, virtually any question you may have on any of the data or any combinations of it. The officials could now understand not only where the problems were and their severity, but also which ones impacted the greatest number of customers.

Through the analytics and visualization capabilities of this solution, Focsani’s city officials could determine how to prioritize their water infrastructure investment.

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