Spatial Modeling Capabilities in ERDAS IMAGINE and GeoMedia

Solve geoprocessing challenges in the most efficient way with new Spatial Modeling capabilities! Available in ERDAS IMAGINE and now also in GeoMedia, spatial modeling removes the traditional dialog-driven workflow by building streamlined, customized, repeatable models to get answers you need.

The Spatial Modeler has been a part of ERDAS IMAGINE for years, but the number of GIS and vector operations it could perform was limited. We continue to add the spatial model operators you need to solve geoprocessing challenges more efficiently by implementing flexible geoprocessing algorithms.

We extended the power of spatial analytics to GeoMedia, expanding the power and functionality of geoprocessing. GeoMedia delivers Spatial Modeler for building simple to complex workflows using raster, image and feature operators. Users can use GeoMedia Spatial Modeler to process files, data or other information that previously required programming or building GeoMedia custom commands.

Expanding the Power of the Producer Suite 2016 with All-New Spatial Modeling Capabilities (TV610)

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