Solve Your Big Data Problem with M.App Chest

Everyone in the industry is saying it, and it’s starting to sound like a cliché: we have a big data problem. We create more and better devices for capturing data, which has led to deluge in the amount of unstructured data. But while there is an overabundance of this unstructured content, we have a limited capacity for harnessing it.  While this data flows freely in, it hits a productivity bottleneck. The data keeps pouring in and trickling out, eventually pooling into a giant reservoir of underutilized information.

In part 5 of the Geospatial Keynote, Mladen Stojic talks about the problems associated with Content Shock. Where do you store it for quick access? How do you organize your content so it can be easily located? How do you integrate it into your workflows?

Answer the Big Data Problem by Thinking Outside the Box

To address this issue, Hexagon Geospatial created M.App Chest, a cloud-based service that makes it easy to way to store and deliver large-volume geospatial data. M.App Chest allows users to integrate it into Hexagon Smart M.Apps, as well as traditional desktop workflows.

Mladen shows an example of a shape file that is uploaded into M.App Chest where it is used as input to drive an information service, or Hexagon Smart M.App.


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