How Smart M.Apps Can Help Make Smarter Cities

Cities struggle with increasing population shifting demographics. We need to do more for these cities. We don’t just need to make them smart cities, we need to make them Smarter Cities. Changing demographics challenge local governments. Constant changes demand agile infrastructure and environmental planning.  Analysis of trends in commercial and residential real estate help identify where people live, work, and how transit functions. Along with these needs, a host of other local services require continual attention.

A Smarter City must take location into account and geospatial technology uniquely suited to helping cities become Smarter Cities. But traditional mapping locks geospatial information into a niche office. Groundbreaking cloud technologies like the Hexagon Smart M.App provide a way to break out of the niche. This gives non-geospatial departments access to location data they need to quickly craft specific workflows to solve their department’s problems.

Watch Part 8 of the Keynote: Smart M.Apps for Smarter Cities

In Part 8 of the Geospatial Keynote at HxGN LIVE, Mladen elaborates on how Hexagon Smart M.Apps help support Smart City initiatives. Utilities, infrastructure, transportation, emergency response, security, and health all need to become smarter. Not only do Hexagon Smart M.Apps provide information about what was and insight about what is, they also empower us to predict what can be. If we can see reoccurring trends that provide insight into the future, and make decisions based off of this data, we can ultimately be better prepared for what’s to come.

Our partners Imagem and Antea Group use Hexagon Geospatial technology to develop Smart M.Apps that quickly transform complex data into actionable information. Smart M.Apps enable municipalities to visualize real-time information that is easy to understand in an interactive dashboard view.

In this clip, see examples of how municipalities the Netherlands use Hexagon Smart M.Apps to plan for a better future.

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