Visualize Air and Noise Pollution with Smart Emission M.App

Studies have shown that air pollution can have a large influence on our quality of life, including our life expectancy. Problems regarding air quality not only need to be addressed by the government, but citizens can help play a role in working with their local governments to maintain a healthier environment. That is where the Smart Emission M.App comes in. Smart Emission M.App is an urban planning strategy, based on a low-cost citizen sensor network.

Smart Emission M.App combines readings from air and noise pollution sensors and visualizes it in a map. Because citizens and government access the same information, they can collaborate to solve air quality and noise issues.

Features and Benefits of Smart Emission M.App

View real-time information

Have a quick real-time view of the current situation in your city including traffic data.

Compare to other sensor data

Find out about your specific situation in relation to other sensors in the city or in the city as a whole.

Discover trends and developments

Drill down in the data for a specific sensor and see how the air quality was evolving over the past week and compare to other related data in this time period.

See Smart Emission M.App in Action

Visit the M.App Exchange to learn more about the various editions and pricing for Smart Emission M.App.

We would again like to congratulate Paul Geurts and the Municipality of Nijmegen in the Netherlands on their second place-winning Smart M.App, Smart Emission M.App.


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