See What’s Waiting for You in The Zone at HxGN LIVE 2019

From breakout sessions to trainings and product announcements, HxGN LIVE will offer numerous chances to learn about the future of location intelligence technology at Hexagon. But we encourage you to go a step further: Visit The Zone, our hands-on technology area, where you’ll be able to see demos of the latest versions of our software, and try out our technology for yourself.

Here are the demo stations that you’ll find at HxGN LIVE 2019 in The Zone:

Engage Your Citizens

Mobile alert

Smart Cities require open innovation and e-participation with citizens. Mobile Alert empowers governmental leaders to utilize cloud technology across the whole process, from data gathering to communicating analyses for smart, efficient management decisions.

Governments improve the collective intelligence of the city’s institutions, improve transparency across departments, and demonstrate commitment to citizen participation and co-design.

Interact with Your Data

M.App Enterprise

M.App Enterprise is an on-premises platform for creating geospatial apps for your organization.

Smart M.Apps revolutionize the way we envision, experience, and communicate location-based information. Smart M.Apps combine real-time location intelligence to deliver an interactive experience visualizing and analyzing dynamic information.

Build an App

M.App Portfolio

Learn how easy it is to build your own custom application that solves your city’s challenges.

Mayor for a Minute

M.App Portfolio

Hexagon Smart M.Apps combine content, business workflows, geoprocessing, and analysis into a single application to transform data into 5D location intelligence. Presented with analytical views of what was, what is, what could be, and what should be, you can make informed decisions in minimal time to ultimately shape what will be.

Smart Transportation


Optimize safety, enhance assets, and streamline operations for air, road, rail, pipeline, and waterway transportation.

5D Analytics for Air, Land, and Sea

Luciad Portfolio

Unlock the power of advanced geospatial analytics with next generation solutions providing 5D smart digital reality.

5D Analytics for Defense

Luciad Portfolio

The Luciad Portfolio transforms complex data into meaningful information for more informed mission-critical decision making, providing a clear operational view with rapid updates.

Image Exploitation | Machine Learning


Understanding the situation on the ground starts with geo-intelligence. See how machine learning algorithms can be trained to process massive amounts of data, taking the load off analysts and freeing them up to do the work that humans do best.

Our cloud-based M.App X solution enables system integrators to provide tools for the exploitation of imagery and the creation of intelligence and reports.

Land, Air, and Sea Challenge

Use data-assisted decision making to navigate an RC obstacle course.

5D Smart Digital Reality

Get a real-time view of attendees at HxGN LIVE.

Ready to experience these demos in person? If you haven’t registered yet, plan to join us on 11-14 June, and spend time with our product experts in The Zone.

Already registered? Take a look at all the Geospatial Track has to offer you this year.

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