The Producer Suite: Empowering You to Collect, Process, Analyze and Understand Raw Geospatial Data

How can your organization keep up with the changing world? Landscapes shift, cities develop, technology races forward. How do you identify the right geospatial solutions for making informed business decisions and ensuring mission effectiveness?

The new Hexagon Geospatial 2015 Power Portfolio provides the tools you need to easily produce, provide, and deliver your geospatial content. We help you understand change and derive the information you require to make confident, informed decisions about the impact of that change.

Creative and intuitive interfaces, smart workflows, and automated technologies within the Power Portfolio facilitate the transformation of your multi-source content into actionable information.

Producer SuiteThe Producer Suite empowers you to collect, process, analyze and understand raw geospatial data. It provides the tools you need to derive and deliver usable information with our desktop-based GIS, remote sensing, and photogrammetry technology.

Here’s how you can intelligently author, analyze, process, and map multiple sources of data:

  • Producer Suite Products 2015Extract Business Graphics from GIS: Gain even deeper insights through sophisticated analyses in GeoMedia and GeoMedia Smart Client. Make compelling and informative pie charts, bar graphs and more.  Add a spatial dimension to business analysis capabilities by extracting relevant business knowledge from rich GIS data.
  • Easily Extend Remote Sensing Workflows: Greatly expand your capabilities and target specific customer demands by creating customizable models in ERDAS IMAGINE designed to meet their own unique needs and operations.  Take advantage of newly constructed custom workflows in the new 2015 release, including change detection for property appraisal and UAV processing workflows.
  • Create Point Clouds From Satellite Imagery: The Semi Global Matching (SGM) algorithm in IMAGINE Photogrammetry now enables you to generate very dense and accurate point clouds from stereo satellite imagery, providing rich elevation information for visualization and interpretation.

Raw geospatial data is the material you use to build effective decision-making processes.  Let the proven strength of Hexagon Geospatial provide a firm foundation for collecting, processing and analyzing your data.

The Producer Suite, within the Hexagon Geospatial 2015 Power Portfolio, allows organizations to turn raw data into actionable insights.  And, these insights in turn allow any organization to understand change and best manage our ever-transforming world.

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