Showcasing the Power Portfolio at the Transportation Summit

Over 40 customers from across North America attended the Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure Transportation Summit in Huntsville, AL and experienced a Night at the Oscars event featuring Hexagon Geospatial’s Power Portfolio.

The evening kicked off with an Award Ceremony honoring several of our Outstanding Implementations by our customers. While enjoying refreshments, they then had a chance to network with each other and discuss the latest trends in transportation, including the Hexagon Geospatial software offerings.

While the traditional star power of Intergraph’s Smart Transportation solutions held the main stage,  the spotlight also shone on several Hexagon Geospatial rising stars. Several stations were set up and staffed by Hexagon Geospatial product experts so everyone could see the latest technology and learn how that technology can be used to benefit their organizations.

steve talks big data

Director of Remote Sensing Steve du Plessis discusses the challenges of processing big data over the web.

Geospatial Computing on the Cloud: GeoMedia Desktop and ERDAS IMAGINE 

Attendees got a preview of a coming attraction: Hexagon Geospatial apps for Remote Sensing and GIS running from the cloud! Attendees saw a live demonstration that showcased computer on-demand. The program ran locally and accessed data locally, as if the software were installed on the system. Learn more about how GeoMedia Desktop software and ERDAS IMAGINE will run as applications on the cloud.

Streamline imagery management and distribution via ERDAS APOLLO

Hexagon Geospatial’ s comprehensive ERDAS APOLLO data management solution enables you to organize and deliver massive volumes of file-based, database and web-enabled data, including imagery, feature data, terrain, LAS-formatted point clouds, and virtually any business data across your enterprise. Summit attendees learned how Hexagon Geospatial’s patented ECW image compression format can remain visually lossless and still cut disk space requirements by 95%, reducing the cost of storage and associated management tasks.

Discover changes between old and new imagery with ERDAS IMAGINE 2015 

Our ongoing quest is to make ERDAS IMAGINE easier to use. As an example of this, , Hexagon Geospatial added a new change detection capability with the 2015 release. Customers had the opportunity to see new point cloud volume tools and learn how easy it is to string complex analytics together in spatial modeler.

Going Mobile – Provide easy to use field inspection and alerting tools for your mobile workforce

GIS has extended into mobile devices, delivering geospatial capabilities directly to field-based personnel and the public.  Hexagon Geospatial’s dynamic mobile products support both real-time and offline or disconnected access to your enterprise data you need. Summit attendee had a chance to see Mobile MapWorks and Mobile Alert and how these apps provide the ability to access and create geospatial data and asset information in the field for real-time reviewing and updating.

Provide Streamlined Stormwater Inspection Workflows for EPA Compliance on Construction Zones with GeoMedia Smart Client

The Stormwater Inspection Application allows Mississippi DOT to enable field personnel to perform inspections on storm water run-off for active construction projects. This application uses GeoMedia Smart Client to provide an automated workflow that replicated and improved on the paper inspection forms that Mississippi DOT had traditionally used.  The Stormwater Inspection Application dramatically reduced the amount of time that it took to complete the inspection process.  It works in both an on-line and off-line mode.

Enhancing Asset Management by Integrating LiDAR Point Clouds within Your GIS

Keeping current on the status and location of the assets within large organizations such as Transportation agencies is an enormous task. Yet, without current information, decisions can go unmade, issues can arise and citizen service and safety can be jeopardized. With the availability of high resolution sensors such as terrestrial LiDAR scanners and aerial cameras, agencies have the ability to collect data which could be used to maintain and validate asset records. In addition, with the availability of high resolution point clouds generated from high resolution stereo pairs of photos, or collected from fixed ground or mobile scanners, the ability to get accurate and current 3D information is the best it has ever been.  Stop by to see the next release of GeoMedia 3D for efficient use of 3D point cloud data in asset management where the point cloud data is integrated visually with the GIS and the data collection/editing context is in 3D.

Hexagon Geospatial eTraining is about Empowerment

Hexagon Geospatial eTraining provides training on demand and at your own pace.  With content designed for both the seasoned veteran and geospatial novice, our quick, task-focused videos help you harness the Power Portfolio.

Attendees had the opportunity to speak with Hexagon Product experts to get all of their questions answered and contacts made to continue the discussions.

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