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Witness the Power of the Power Portfolio. Combining the best photogrammetry, remote sensing, GIS, and cartography technologies available, the Producer, Provider, and Platform suites contain the globally-recognized products that you rely on every day. See real-life examples from experts from around the globe who use these tools to make sense of the dynamically changing world. Register now to participate in the Power Portfolio Certificate Program!

Check out the Power Portfolio Certificate Program session agenda below.  Participants must attend all mandatory sessions and at least three optional sessions. You can download the printable version of the session agenda.

IGNITE Your M.App Experience – Shaping Smart Change (Mandatory)

We believe your experience matters – and our experiences are refined and improved through collaboration with imagination and innovation. This year, we set out on a journey of igniting ideas – and providing a means to create and deploy solutions from these ideas. As the cloud becomes ubiquitous, you have the ability to make real-time a reality – accessing the data and tools you need on-demand. Hexagon Geospatial provides a platform for unique experiences, getting to the crux of the problem solving. Globally, inspired partners have joined us in creating an ecosystem of concepts that are being refined into dynamic information experiences. We are fostering a new community of developers, while also providing market access. Join Hexagon President Mladen Stojic as he shares visionary approaches to solving challenging business problems from around the world. During this time, we will celebrate several customer and partner stories. This keynote will also include the debut of the Power Portfolio 2016, provisioning you with fresh, interactive workflows that give new form shaping the information you need. We will also reveal the 20 Finalists who will move forward in IGNITE, our competition around six core themes for protecting our future and providing true sustainability.

What’s New in the Producer Suite (Mandatory)

The Producer Suite of the Power Portfolio empowers you to collect, process, analyze and understand raw geospatial data. GeoMedia, ImageStation, ERDAS IMAGINE, and IMAGINE Photogrammetry are core products that extract even more value from your geospatial data with the latest enhancements. Learn about the 120+ brand new spatial model operators added to versions of GeoMedia and ERDAS IMAGINE, in the area of measurement, feature, input/output, photogrammetry, point cloud, vector processing, SIPS, Terrain and Surface, control logic, etc. Find out about PostGIS, WMTS, and the new Explorer Window in GeoMedia and how ImageStation workflows have been drastically improved. ERDAS IMAGINE brings you to the forefront of image processing by introducing new sensor models (KazEOSat, Sentinel, GoKTurk), much enhanced features such as Zonal Change Detection, and critical behind-scene services to Smart M.App. Attend this session to discover the full value available to you!

What’s New in the Provider Suite (Mandatory)

The Provider Suite of the Power Portfolio allows you to easily store, discover, manage and deliver your data across desktop, web and mobile applications. The Provider Suite includes ERDAS APOLLO, GeoCompressor and ECW technologies; powerful solutions that let you optimize and organize all of your geospatial and business data across the enterprise. In this session, discover how the new ImageChain styling engine opens up huge new opportunities for imagery visualization. Plus, find out more about our improved distributed processing solution and new Geoprocessing services, and get up to speed with all the latest performance advances in 2016. Learn all of this and much more in our exciting Provider Suite presentation!

What’s New in the Platform Suite (Mandatory)

The Platform Suite of the Power Portfolio enables you to create your own unique application on top of a solid foundation of powerful geospatial functionality. The Platform Suite includes the following products: GeoMedia Smart Client, GeoMedia WebMap, Geospatial SDI, Geospatial Portal, Mobile MapWorks and Mobile Alert. In this session, learn how the 2016 release provides a new graphical workflow designer, user-experience and GUI for small screen devices such as mobile phones. There are also significant enhancements to the 3D viewer, and much, much more. Supported by robust toolkits, detailed instructions, and interactive developer communities, discover how the Platform Suite enables you to build custom web, mobile, and other smart enterprise solutions that suit your unique business needs.

Norwegian Defence as a Platform (DaaP) Extends ERDAS APOLLO to Deliver Geographical Core Service

Conducting operations in the future will be grow to be more centered on information. This includes being in command of, having access to or denial of information. DaaP is fundamental to achieving a joint force vision of an information-enabled armed forces, capable of meeting the challenges of warfare in the information age. Within defense organizations, the current model is characterized by multiple stovepipe systems with duplicative components delivered by multiple providers, which increases cost due to fragmented architecture and no core common infrastructure. The DaaP concept will provide a shared set of common components and infrastructure across a defense organization; supporting all end user services, increasing operational effectiveness, saving money and creating a positive user experience. The Norwegian Defence were early to recognize the benefits of DaaP and understood geographical services to be paramount. In 2010, T-Kartor were awarded the contract to build the first of eight sub projects for Geographical Services. Utilizing ERDAS APOLLO, which supports relevant ISO, OGC and W3C standards, T-Kartor developed additional workflow-driven functionality including an advanced data registration system, complex multi-level network security, extensible metadata, extended discovery options, data assurance through a traffic light system, Meteorological and Oceanographic (METOC) functionality and a connection to other enterprise systems (e.g. SAP). The solution has been successfully tested, delivered and installed and will form an integral part of Norwegian Defence as a Platform (DaaP), facilitating increased collaboration with NATO allies.

Oblique Imagery Viewing Integrated with Image Processing Workflows

During image processing workflows using ERDAS IMAGINE, the ability to view oblique imagery in conjunction with nadir imagery or point cloud data enhances analytical results and enables validation from an additional perspective.  For example, feature extraction or change detection results can be quickly validated by having obliques available.  Having access to obliques during change detection maximizes the number of valid property changes detected, and thus minimizes unnecessary field visits.  Sanborn has integrated their Oblique Analyst® with ERDAS IMAGINE such that oblique imagery is co-registered and immediately available for viewing.  Come learn about this exciting new integration between Sanborn’s Oblique Analyst® and ERDAS IMAGINE.

Enterprise GIS for Södertörn –  Large Scale Municipal Collaboration

Norconsult Informationssystemer (NoIS) is a subsidiary of Norconsult, the largest and one of the leading multidisciplinary consultancy firms in the Nordic region. NoIS has a long lasting history as a Hexagon Geospatial partner and has one of the largest GeoMedia certified development teams outside Huntsville. An OEM agreement for GeoMedia products has made it possible for us to build localized versions of GeoMedia. We have achieved a market share of about 30% in Norway and 12% in Sweden over a period of 15 years. We are now engaged in product development and delivery of a new Enterprise GIS for eight municipalities in Sweden, called the Södertörn cooperation. The delivery includes a solution for data versioning in standard GeoMedia warehouses and workflow management for surveying, base mapping and cadaster management. The project also includes data migration of feature models from eight different GIS into one common enterprise data model. Join us in this session as we demonstrate the data modelling process and demo the enterprise GIS that supports a complete workflow from surveying to feature editing, to locking and update of the versioned dataset.

Real-World Applications of GeoMedia Analysis

GeoMedia includes a wide array of powerful analytic tools for applications ranging from road widening to assist in determining costs and impacts to hotspot detection to assist in the prediction of where problems may arise. In this course a set of these workflows will be demonstrated using GeoMedia that include both vector analysis and raster analysis. The vector analysis tools used in this session are available in all tiers, where the raster analysis tools are only available at the GeoMedia Advantage and GeoMedia Professional tiers.

Expand the Power of Your Spatial Models with GeoMedia

The Spatial Model Editor utility delivered with GeoMedia 2016 provides the functionality to create and edit your own spatial models using operators delivered with GeoMedia. These operators, both raster and vector (geometry and attributes), will allow you to build parameterized workflows using Spatial Modeler that are reusable, adaptable and will provide repeatable results. This two-hour, hands-on course will teach you the basics of how to create, edit, and run spatial models – utilizing several different vector operators including the Preview operator, which provides the ability to visualize the results of the processing in a map display.

Demystifying SGM and  the Point Cloud with ERDAS IMAGINE

With the latest release of GeoMedia Smart Client the usability and user experience is brought to a new level. An all new graphical workflow designer allows you to design your workflow, without any deep knowledge of XML coding. Also the Style Editor gets a big update. With the deprecation of the Java based Style Editor we built an editor based on the latest web technologies. Furthermore, the usability is increased by offering templates to get your style done much quicker than before. All in all, there are some other improvements too. OGC secured services (WMS / WFS) are now supported as well as native support of them. You can continue to use GeoMedia WebMap, but you don’t have to anymore. The latest of the supported database engines is PostgreSQL. With the version 16 you can connect to your data stored in that kind of database. With this release it is also possible to get an ECW displayed, which is not in the same coordinate system as your project is.

Ireland’s First Fibre Optic-Based Home Service

SIRO is a ground-breaking, joint venture between Ireland’s National Electric Company (ESB) and Vodafone. Using ESB’s existing electric infrastructure, SIRO will deliver a 100% fibre-to-the-building network directly into homes and businesses all across Ireland. SIRO use Hexagon’s commercial-off-the-shelf software GeoMedia, along with Hex G/Technology and Fiber Optic Works to perform high-level network planning and design. Learn how SIRO have used GeoMedia to analyse the existing electric network and demographic data, ultimately to create high-level cost models for the roll out of the Fibre Network across the country of Ireland.

Maximizing Communication in Emergency Management

In the petrochemical world, accidental releases of chemicals can cause serious health issues as well as major damage to the environment.  It is critical that response agencies get real-time, accurate, and actionable information that can be used to implement measures to protect lives and save property. Emerge Systems offers emergency notification applications using GeoMedia WebMap and GeoMedia Desktop that provide emergency managers two components critical to providing effective communication. First, based on information provided from the stricken facility, we provide a targeted geographic notification area. Secondly, we’ve integrated the public notification systems including automated phone calling, electronic roadside signs, and sirens into a single source for activation. In today’s litigious society, targeted effective communication minimizes the risk to industry and allows emergency managers to maximize the effectiveness of their communication resources.

Fully Automated Mapping of Natural Forest Development Phases from LiDAR data for Habitat Monitoring

In Europe, there is an initiative to establish a transnational network of nature reserves focusing on species conservation. Natural forests – that is, forests not intended for economic use – are a keystone for designating such areas. Developed for a state forest department in Germany, a fully automated workflow for mapping forest development phases from LiDAR data was built using the IMAGINE Spatial Modeler. This powerful component of ERDAS IMAGINE solves geoprocessing challenges in the most efficient way—by removing the traditional dialog-driven workflow and instead streamlining a customized, repeatable means of getting the answer. The highly sophisticated model developed for the state forest department processes both raster and vector data, to ultimately provide objective and ready-to-use maps for decision makers. Join us in this session to learn about this powerful workflow, and see its transition into a Hexagon Smart M.App.

Smarter Change Detection with ERDAS IMAGINE

Change makes geospatial data out-of-date almost as fast as the data can be collected. Property appraisers, forestry workers, and the defense industry all rely on timely and accurate identification of change. This session will teach you the basics of change detection and introduce you to ERDAS IMAGINE’s semi-automated zonal (area) change detection. Learn via hands-on training how this unique technique processes change on an area by area (zones) basis, how to prioritize the likelihood of change, and how to complete the final review process in record time.

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