2016 Year in Review: Platform Suite

It’s the time of the year where we reflect back on all of the great things that took place in 2016. It was a busy, but rewarding year for us. The release of our 2016 Power Portfolio brought some notable, new enhancements for our WebGIS products, including GeoMedia Smart Client and GeoMedia WebMap. In the spirit of remembrance, let’s look back at our top Hexagon Geospatial blogs from the Platform Suite for 2016.

What’s New in GeoMedia Smart Client 2016
Learn about the new improvements and enhancements for GeoMedia Smart Client 2016. The Graphical Designer in Workflow Manager—as well as the revamped Style Editor—provide tools for building and delivering highly-constrained, map-based workflows for the office or the field. GeoMedia Smart Client 2016 also supports secure OGC services.

How GeoMedia WebMap Delivers High-Quality Maps Quickly
The Map Server of GeoMedia WebMap is a key architectural part of the product. It uses a subset of the GeoMedia Desktop engine so that it can be used in a server environment. Learn how Map Server and its companion, Map Server Manager work together to serve high-quality maps quickly in GeoMedia WebMap 2016.


WebMap PublisherModifying WebMap Publisher Metadata
Learn about the post 2015 EP05 enhancements for GeoMedia WebMap Publisher. We’ve increased the reliability and stability when it comes to modifying metadata. The new updates provide the ability to change the metadata without stopping the whole server and the new Map Server Manager makes for easier deployment and maintenance of a WebMap Server.

Determining Requirements for Efficient GeoMedia WebMap Deployment
There are many factors that must be evaluated to prepare and deploy your GeoMedia WebMap. Learn how to determine requirements for efficient GeoMedia WebMap deployment by asking yourself about hardware requirements and web service selection.