Meet the IGNITE Finalists – Oscar Díaz and Gabriel Díaz

This week we’re featuring IGNITE Finalists Oscar and Gabriel Díaz from Panama City, Panama. Learn more about Field Research Planner, their innovative Smart M.App that allows users to efficiently create a marketing field research strategy.

Q: What is your Smart M.App called?
A: Field Research Planner

Q: What IGNITE Theme does it support?
A: Finance

Q: What does it do?
A: Field Research Planner allows users to easily design sampling strategies for field research over a map, with the use of a built-in algorithm. It has the ability to process the obtained results to create easy-to-read graphic analytics for each area where the research was conducted, just by clicking on it. The users will be able to compare results between the different areas.

Q: What is the problem your Smart M.App addresses?
A: Field Research Planner will ease the whole process of field research for our clients. Field Research Planner intends to help companies that do not have a lot of technical expertise in building and conducting field research, offering them an user-friendly platform for planning and visualizing results once they get them. This way they will be able to focus on the information they want to get, rather than how to do it and how much will it cost, cutting out the process of looking for big companies that charge a lot for their service and deliver hard-to-read data.

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