Ola Rollén Named to List of Best-Performing CEOs in the World

What makes a good CEO? Hexagon has known for a while, because we have been flourishing under the leadership of our CEO, Ola Rollén. The Hexagon Core Values describe a profit-driven, professional, innovative, engaged, customer-focused, and entreprenurial approach, Hexagon has always striven to lead in our markets and our communities.

But how do you quantify “best performance”? Stock market performance has long been a key metric when assessing the health of a company, but it goes much deeper that. Long-term planning, and strategic vision are also necessary when analyzing the performance of a CEO. In addition to that, effective leadership makes itself known through a company’s ability to connect effectively with customers, employees, and communities.Ola Rollén

The Harvard Business Review has attempted to quantify what has always been a little difficult to report: the performance of CEOs, and we are proud to announce that Hexagon CEO Ola Rollén has been named to the list of The Best-Performing CEOs in the World. Starting with 832 company CEOs, they quantified stock performance over the long-term, adjusting across size, industry, and global company information.

It is admittedly difficult to quantify a CEO’s long-term vision and strategic acumen. Likewise, how can you put values on intangibles like authenticity and a company’s emphasis on connecting effectively with customers? For now, we have to assume that those Core Values which Hexagon espouses are reflected in the overall Customer and Employee satisfaction, and show in the returns which are made to stock owners.

Read more about the methodology used in the study, and some of the parallel findings they made.

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