MakeMyMApp: Spatial Distribution of NYC Water Quality

Clean water is an absolute must for a healthy life. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are a number of health issues that are related to the quality of drinking water. It’s crucial for water suppliers to stay on top of quality control and monitor for possible contaminants. In order to show the New York City Department of Environmental Protection where problem areas with water quality are concentrated, Hexagon Geospatial Software Engineer, Bhagavath Kumar, created an Incident Analyzer View that maps the spatial distribution of water quality complaints over the last six years in the Five Boroughs. Learn more about the NYC Water Quality Incident Analyzer View in this Q&A.

What theme does your Incident Analyzer View support?
The NYC Water Quality Incident Analyzer View supports the Infrastructure theme.

What does it show?
This Incident Analyzer view shows the user the spatial distribution of water quality complaints over the last 6 years across the five boroughs – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island. This view allows user to look complaints by types of water quality problems. It also allows one to get an understanding of how quickly the city has responded to such complaints. We could also look the data sliced by each borough.

Why did you create this Incident Analyzer View?
Such views are important dashboards for public officials such in the office of NY, Environment protection to quickly understand the nature of issues they are dealing with in a repeated fashion.

Describe your experience using Incident Analyzer:
My experience working with Incident Analyzer was very straight forward for this particular project. I ran into some challenges with data clean up. It will also be interesting to be able to add extra layers of information like water pipes network, drainage system to correlate with such data.

You can learn more about the EPA Superfund Sites Incident Analyzer, and preview other Interactive Incident Analyzer Demos on our website.

About Bhagavath Kumar:

kumar-headshotBhagavath Kumar is a Team Lead who works on ERDAS IMAGINE and M.App X product lines. His expertise is in resolving blockers and challenges as they come up and to get the team moving from start to end. By day he is an intrapreneur managing complex endeavors at Hexagon Geospatial and by night, an entrepreneur trying to come up with the next disruption to build. Currently, his interests dabble around exploring big data and web-mobile-cloud solutions as solutions to life problems. Trying to make ‘a’ dent in the universe. Kumar graduated from IIT Roorkee, India with a bachelors in Civil Engineering and completed a masters at Syracuse University, NY  in the field of Electrical Engineering. His graduate research was in the area of registration of geospatial images.

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