Never Lose Sight: The Potential of Smart Defense

When security is on the line, real-time situational awareness saves lives.

The Defense and security sector has always had a vested interest in change. Historically, this sector has been the driver pushing technology forward, providing the competitive edge needed for their success in both the field and the command center. Information superiority is critical for keeping track of changes on the battlefield.  This information helps meet their primary mission: to ensure the safe return of their warfighters after a victory in the field.

Accomplishing this mission requires access to diverse data sources. Whether it be LiDAR, radar, imagery, video, or any other kind of data, and be it collected from UAV, satellite, aircraft, or field sensors, all this data can provide the edge to geospatial situational awareness.

Continued advances in Smart Defense technology reduce the time it takes to move data from sensor to processing to command to support personnel and warfighters in the field. Thanks to the improvements in cloud technology, we can get very timely data from drones and process it into an accurate 3D picture of the field. Processing that used to take days can now be done in hours and in some cases, even minutes. This drives faster, safer, more timely decisions and the ability to respond to threats and changes in a fraction of the time.

In addition to cutting down the time to bring information to the field, moving processing to the cloud provides analysts with the opportunity to lessen their workloads. The power of cloud computing and the latest improvements in machine learning provide excellent opportunities in pattern recognition and simplifying the synthesis of complex data sources such as radar data. Machine Learning is also uniquely poised to take over some of the analysts more routine tasks, allowing them to perform the highly skilled tasks that only humans can do.

There is a long-standing adage that the best battlefield plan only lasts until the first shot is fired. With the latest geospatial information and modeling technology such as visualization, we can now track troop, aircraft, ships, and materiel movements in real time. This provides live updates to the command center, allowing them to adapt and change their plan as the battlefield changes.

We are seeing a powerful change in the defense world. For too long, we have lived in a 2D mapped world, with a few small forays into 3D. With the addition of cloud computing, we can now create accurate 3D environments in minutes, track troop movements in 3D – in real time (4D), and even perform analysis of these changes.

For the first time, Smart Defense technology provides a complete 5D picture of the world, so we never lose sight of our goal.

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