Create Maps of Connections with Mind M.App

How can you easily visualize the relationships between two seemingly discrete pieces of information? How do you uncover connections that delve beneath the glaringly obvious? For some time, people have been using Mind Maps to find these connections, but they have not been used extensively with geospatial data. There has not been a reliable and easy way to create mind maps from your data. That changes today. Introducing Mind M.App — a tool to help you connect the dots.

Mind M.App is the first Smart M.App to combine a graph data model with Hexagon Geospatial’s platform. It allows you to create maps of associations between multiple entities. Mind M.App allows users to record complex knowledge gathered during research and combine it with external data sources using RDF technology. Once you have your mind map created, you can begin to uncover hidden links and spatial patterns to provide new insight. Mind M.App can be used to assist a number of different career fields, including criminal investigators and forensic scientists, researchers and investigative journalists, epidemiologists and botanists, and genealogists and data scientists.

Features and Benefits of Mind M.App

Organize complex data so that you can finally understand it

Create a spatial mind map by dropping icons on the map, adding attributes and notes, and connecting them by using meaningful links.

Unite your efforts with others

Merge your mind maps with mind maps of others to broaden your perspective. Use RDF export/import functions to ingest external data from various open data sources.

Create data models on the go

Forget about old rules – you don’t need to define a data model upfront. Just add new types of objects and links as you collect them.

Solve your case more quickly

Navigate the web of connections to discover new patterns and insight into your complex data. Solve your criminal case or research subject more quickly and reliably.

See Mind M.App in Action

Interested in giving Mind M.App a try? Visit the M.App Exchange to learn more about the various editions and pricing!

Congratulations again to Tomasz Berezowski, Lead Developers Marek Strzelecki and Bartosz Majster, and the rest of his Graph Revolution team from the Wroclaw Institute on their grand prize-winning Smart M.App, Mind M.App!

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