Meeting an Expanded Need for Geospatial Solutions in Eastern Africa

Consisting largely of plateaus, but with some of the highest elevations on the continent, Eastern Africa is a region that is made up of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Rwanda and Burundi.

Eastern Africa, much like the rest of the continent, has experienced the benefits from a natural resource boom, strong internal demand from its rapidly growing middle-class, increased spending on basic infrastructure, robust foreign direct investments, and sizeable diaspora remittances.

The region is also embracing the latest geospatial solutions to help tackle a myriad of challenges, which include development planning, nationwide population data management and socioeconomic modeling.  In addition, governmental agencies, academia and private organizations are leveraging geospatial data for determining areas that are at drought risk, tracking proliferation of invasive species and tackling   major public health issues.

As such, the need for geospatial data management solutions also continues to increase.  This was a key theme at the 2014 Hexagon Geospatial tour, which made a stop in Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya.  The events, co-sponsored by Oakar Services, explored the latest innovations from Hexagon Geospatial, and highlighted smart ways for creating and managing data to effectively transform raw data into actionable intelligence for improved productivity and decision-making.

Here are several important takeaways from the events:

  • In Ethiopia, the keynote address by Mr. Sultan Mohammed, the Director General of the Ethiopian Mapping Agency (EMA), emphasized the main strengths of Hexagon Geospatial products in addressing the mapping and development planning challenges the country faces.
  • In Uganda, the Executive Director of Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), Mr. Ben Paul Mungyereza said that, “Geospatial Solutions together with practical training will provide an avenue to counter spatial challenges that Ugandan institutions face on a daily basis.”
  • Professor Francis Aduol, the Vice-Chancellor of the Technical University of Kenya, acknowledged the revolutionary impact that geospatial products has had on the entire surveying and mapping practice.

As the region embraces geospatial solutions for driving key decision-making capabilities, Eastern Africa will continue to be a priority region for Hexagon Geospatial. We look forward to our continued work with our partners like Oakar Services to help meet this expanded need.

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