M.Apping the Olympic Medalists

In the spirit of the Rio 2016 Olympics and the recent implementation of Incident Analyzer at the Games,  it only seemed fitting to create a new M.App to continue this theme. What better way to exemplify this than to map the Olympic medalists? Because Incident Analyzer allows you to build your own custom dynamic visualization, the possibilities of what events to display are endless, as long as you have location-based data.


When we sat down and thought about what we wanted to show using Incident Analyzer, displaying the results of an international event like the Olympics seemed like a natural choice. After scouring the Internet we were shocked that a map displaying the winners didn’t already exist!

The Olympics are unique because in addition to showcasing some of the greatest athletic talent and skill in the world, they encourage those of us who aren’t high jumpers or fast swimmers to come together in support of our country of choice and to rally behind our favorite athletes.

To hang on to that feeling of unity when the games ended, we thought it would be neat to see a global spread of the athletes who came out on top and learn more about them.

Building a Dynamic Visualization with Incident Analyzer

After the initial inspiration for our Incident Analyzer struck, we were tasked with actually finding the information we wanted to display. Assembling a data set can be time consuming, but with that challenge comes the complete flexibility to show the details that matter to us. We decided to show each medalist mapped to their hometown, their sport, what medals they won (gold, silver, bronze), how many of each medal they won, their overall ranking and which country they represented in Rio. Once we pulled together our information it was as simple as uploading and making some final adjustments.

We hope you enjoy M.Apping the Medalists with our Incident Analyzer. Just remember, you don’t have to be a developer to use Incident Analyzer, even marketing girls can do it!

Explore the M.Apping the Medalists Incident Analyzer in this interactive demonstration.
M.Apping the Olympic Medalists

The Hexagon Geospatial Incident Analyzer is nominated for the Wichmann Innovations Award as best software at INTERGEO 2016. Online voting is now available through October 12. Vote now!

About the Authors:

Lauren Wood, Kelsey Ryan

Kelsey Ryan joined the Hexagon Geospatial team in March of 2014. As the Lead Graphic Designer, she is responsible for overseeing the graphic design team and ensuring global brand consistency. In her spare time, you can find Kelsey taking photos, traveling, brunching and going on adventures with her one-eyed pug Ollie!

Lauren Wood joined the Hexagon Geospatial team in July of 2015. As the Field Marketer for the Americas, she is responsible for developing marketing campaigns and strategies both direct to market and through channel partnerships throughout the Americas region. Outside of work, Lauren enjoys spending time with her friends and family, attending concerts, drinking coffee and playing fetch with her cat, Fitz.

In addition to their traditional roles, both Kelsey and Lauren play key roles in the organization and on-site facilitation of the Geospatial Track and events at HxGN LIVE. If you attended in Anaheim you almost certainly saw them there!

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