Managing Our Changing World with Geospatial Product eTraining

Managing our dynamically change world has become a challenge for virtually every organization. From utilities to state and local governments, public safety and beyond, geospatial data has become the underpinning for improved performance and overall operational effectiveness.

Finding the right data analysis tools, embracing new workflows, or using a new type of geospatial data management software are the daily challenges and opportunities that our users face.

Simply put, knowledge is power.  For global organizations to best leverage today’s most cutting-edge geospatial solutions, they need to know how to use these systems effectively.

With the right training, it is possible to maximize Hexagon Geospatial’s solutions for creating new opportunities for enhancing organizational performance.

eTraining Can Increase Productivity and Save Money

Our new eTraining modules provide online, on-demand training that is designed to empower our users.  Each module is less than 15 minutes in length and contains a narrated video with a time-stamped script – allowing user to quickly gain the insights they need to get back to the job at hand.

Say goodbye to travel expenses, and long days in the classroom.  The eTraining library is free with your support maintenance and can be accessed using your eService user name and password on our Customer Support site.

In addition, we are expanding our library with new modules every couple of weeks.  Stay tuned for updates which we will be covering on this blog!

Knowledge truly is power, and we look forward to providing our users with a wealth of information for best using our solutions.

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