Manage ALL of Your Data, and Store It More Efficiently to Boot

Consider the pressure and challenges today, as the geospatial industry continues to struggle with managing the big data deluge phenomenon. Even though processing and storage becomes more affordable every year, organizations still must determine smart strategies for data acquisition, storage, management and delivery of now even petabytes of geospatial data.

The massive uptake in data collection is occurring for a variety of reasons, driven by factors including advancements in sensor technology, lower costs, faster revisit cycles, and different views and data types getting collected. Plus, there is an explosion of new data collection technology like UAV, which is poised to become a pervasive capture mechanism.

As expected, all of this big data is taking up more and more space, and is stored in a variety of ways across the enterprise.  It’s fine for data to live in different places and formats, but you don’t ever want to lose track of it, which is what has been happening at a lot of organizations.  Now is the time to index and organize it all into one human readable library.

How to solve the Big Data problem: two sides of the coin

The solution to this problem lives on two sides of the same coin – data compression technologies can help reduce the storage footprint of your data while also reducing the overall number of files.  Data management strategies provide a powerful means to keep it all organized, and make it available across various enterprises.

To deal with these challenges, Hexagon Geospatial introduces the Provider Suite. Through the vast organizational capabilities of ERDAS APOLLO, and the power of ECW compression technologies, the Provider suite enables you to easily compress, store, manage and deliver your volumes of disparate, distributed geospatial and business big data.

The Provider Suite allows any organization to easily:

  • Organize file-based, database and web-enabled geospatial and business data into one human-readable library.
  • Distribute data from the cloud or on-premise, across desktop, web and mobile applications.
  • Leverage geospatial data within and across large, disparate organizations.
  • Cut disk space requirements by 95%, reducing the TCO of storage and associated management tasks.

Hexagon’s solutions help organizations solve geospatial big data challenges, improve geospatial interoperability across agencies, and best leverage their geospatial assets. To learn more, watch this informative webcast from last week given by Bruce Chaplin, Product Line Director for the Hexagon Geospatial Provider Suite.

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