Looking Beyond Geospatial

We love geospatial. Let’s face it, it’s right there in our company name. But our vision doesn’t stop there. Geospatial technology has done an incredible job of flexibly and comprehensively modeling the world. We have created enormous GIS databases, capable of holding and providing instant access to pedabytes of crucial information. We have learned critical lessons through the years about the importance of both location information and flexibility in storing that information.

These are lessons that should be shared beyond geospatial “boundaries”. Whether it is the ability to tag, store, and retrieve information—both geospatial as well as attributive—about mines, oil rigs, or cities, we believe that our technology is uniquely poised to assist in analysing and understanding change.

In Geospatial World, Ola Rollén, Hexagon AG President and CEO details of his vision for the future.

olaAs we look to extend the use of information about our changing world to a billion plus people, we need to move beyond GIS and mapping…to explore how the fusion of several ingredients can help simplify the process of deriving information about our changing earth so everyone can make sense of change.

We are always looking for ways to incorporate technology into other business and governmental activities, whether it be mining, agriculture, public safety, or Smart Cities. As we begin to harness the power of geospatial information in these new markets, the key will be making the technology easy to use.

Rather than deploying thick applications with unnecessary features and functionality, the future will  be more focused on delivering information subscriptions combined with unique dashboards.

For more information, read Looking Beyond Geospatial in Geospatial World.

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