It’s Easy Being Green GIS

Solar panels. Electric engines. Recycled waste paper. Some ways of going green are obvious; by reducing emissions, you reduce the burden on the planet. Some are simple, but costly. But what if there are simple ways to go green GIS and save money?

Most global organizations are taking proactive steps to reduce their IT storage requirements and energy costs, while also making their data centers more environmentally friendly.  The global explosion in data volumes creates an excessive demand on computers and servers. More data means more servers, and more servers means generating and using power.

It’s not necessarily so hard or expensive to be Green. For example, in Europe, Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure’s (SG&I) new Green GIS initiative allows organizations to meet and exceed their goals by providing more energy-efficient and climate-friendly IT processes.

At INTERGEO 2015, Intergraph SG&I’s Green GIS initiative actually received major industry accolades by winning the second place prize in the Wichmann Innovations Award competition.

Featuring the patented Enhanced Compression Wavelet (ECW) data compression format and ERDAS APOLLO software, Intergraph and its Hexagon Geospatial technologies were noted for helping organizations to drastically reduce data volume and minimize storage demands and energy costs.

Through these solutions, we help organizations reduce the volume of raster data and point clouds, as well as by minimize the demands on storage capacity and the associated operating and cooling power requirements.

But don’t just take our word for it.

The Wichmann Innovations Award received hundreds of submissions, and the jury consisted of key industry leaders, who selected the top 10 innovations to be voted on by the public.

What’s even more exciting about this award is that the Leica Pegasus:Backpack took the top honour – reinforcing the power and innovation of Hexagon Corporation in being a green IT leader.

Hexagon Geospatial would like to thank everyone who voted for us at INTERGEO! We will continually challenge ourselves to provide the most effective geospatial data management solutions that help any organization prosper and be green at the same time.

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