It’s All About Communicating Intelligence

Smart technology and visual solutions are paving the way for communicating intelligence in the Netherlands. Worldwide, policy makers and stakeholders alike are tasked with shaping change of societies. Whether setting goals for growth, identifying timelines, or allocating budgets, there is a constant need for intelligence to make smart decisions.

Fusing Statistics, Business- and Location Intelligence in the Netherlands

Almost all processes within government agencies in the Netherlands deal with location. It is therefore imperative to connect location with databases and information. However, simply pooling data is not as powerful unless combined with information that can be projected dynamically, helping stakeholders to get answers.

Firm believers in the ‘less is more’ philosophy, we prefer simple solutions for a complex problem. Imagine a knowledge application – in form of a dashboard – quickly and intuitively merging location and statistics, backed by real-time data, and available in the form of a simple app.

Bridging the Gap between Making Smart Decisions and Taking Action

Smart decisions rely on interoperability between technology, processes and people. Imagem’s solutions – based on Hexagon Smart M.App® technology – provide users in the Netherlands with dynamic, interactive spatial dashboards that quickly and efficiently source information.

The visually communicative dashboards are relevant to user at all levels in the hierarchy – from policy predicting long-term impact of measures, to decision makers setting budgets, technical managers analysing patterns, and field-workers collecting data. Correlating locating with statistics and business intelligence on these dashboards has significantly shortened the time between making decisions and taking action.

The Municipality of Tynaarlo in the Netherlands uses the dashboard to monitor quality of roads in their jurisdiction. The municipality uses the solution to correlate road information such as location, building materials (asphalt, concrete, and pavement) and usage with budget and policies, using actual data as of last ten years.

Connecting the dots

These dashboard solutions are not limited to real-estate or road-quality. Within the Netherlands, Imagem is constantly developing solutions for various facets of the government to monitor effectiveness of policy for example regarding roads, health care, water infrastructure, green spaces, urban heat stress, electricity and more.

Wouter Brokx, CEO at Imagem says, “Within a short time we have transformed problems faced by decision makers into something tangible. And that’s exactly how smart cities work – start small, and connect the dots. After all, it’s about communicating intelligence effectively and efficiently.”

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Yashita Arora

Yashita Arora is the marketing consultant for Imagem, responsible for strategizing, development, execution, measurement, and reporting of customer-facing demand-generation programs that support sales goals. Prior to this position, she was regional marketing manager for Asia-Pacific at Hexagon Geospatial. She has over nine years of experience in the IT and geospatial industry in areas such as marketing, communications, content development and presales.