Introducing M.App Enterprise

We’ve reinvented the map by creating a new form for visualizing geographic information with the Hexagon Smart M.App. This form enables better decision making by fusing together content, workflow, analytics and experience. Once you create your Smart M.App, you can upload it into the M.App Exchange and sell it. But what about organizations that want to use the Smart M.Apps to communicate with decision-makers within their enterprise? Can they use the Smart M.App on premise? Yes. Introducing M.App Enterprise.

In Part 10 of the Geospatial Keynote, Mladen announces the release of M.App Enterprise, a geospatial cloud platform that provides a way for organizations to create and privately host their own Smart M.Apps within their organization. It allows users to connect to disparate databases within their IT infrastructure. Once they plug in to their data, they can configure specific workflows based on their role and need within an organization.

With M.App Enterprise you can deliver Hexagon Smart M.Apps to your organization within a controlled environment. We make it easy to prototype and configure your workflows and analytics. M.App Enterprise also facilitates your connection to a spatial data source while maintaining the security and integrity of the data.

Introducing M.App Enterprise

In this video clip, Mladen shows us a demonstration of role-based permissions in an on-premise Smart M.App.

Our recent M.App Enterprise webcast goes into more detail about how it works and how it can be used within your organization.

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