Introducing Geospatial 4.0 at INTERGEO 2017

The INTERGEO 2017 trade fair confirmed its position as the world’s most important communications and networking forum for geospatial and IT with more than 70,000 professionals from over 106 countries.

Hexagon was well represented by its brands with a very impressive booth and insightful presentations. Hexagon Geospatial demonstrated how cloud-hosted (and on-premises) geospatial platforms create dynamic information services and dashboards for Smart Cities. Secondly, we showcased Geospatial Solutions for Big Data Management and Exploitation.

Smart Cities Platform and Dashboard

Smart Cities not only need to be smarter about how they collect and use data, but also with how they communicate data to their stakeholders. Learn about our cloud-hosted and on-premises solutions to transform geospatial data into information services designed to communicate clearly with citizens, stakeholders, and decision-makers. See the full interview with Joao Fernandes to learn more about Smart Cities Platform and Dashboard.

Big Data Management

Big Data Management isn’t just about collecting, storing, and finding geospatial data. It’s also about rapidly transforming that data into actionable information. See how our tools help shorten the time from data collection to accurate reporting. Watch the full interview with Markus Holler.

Hexagon Geospatial President Mladen Stojic had a keynote session, “Escaping the Flatlands,” where he delivered his vision for the future of the geospatial industry and how we must escape from the flatlands of layers and into a deeper understanding of our world.

How we can experience complex multidimensional information through the use of design and information? Hexagon is enabling information for users to make better-informed decisions. Ecosystems are built around the layers of data that we map. Escaping the flatlands is about escaping the traditional way in how we consume and experience data. An example of this is how we experience music beyond paper sheets and listen to it real time. Take this idea and apply it to the geospatial industry- CAD, BIM, and all these layers of data applied into 5D information. Maps and designs with this data are used in the decision-making process.

“It has been a very successful edition, we had a big turn out and we appreciated the opportunity to showcase our entire Hexagon Portfolio from sensors to Digital Realities & software solution that Hexagon built. I’m really happy that the conference reaches a global audience,” says Mladen at INTERGEO TV.

Looking forward to welcoming you at INTERGEO 2018!

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