Redlining and Dimensioning in the GeoMedia Smart Client

Redlining and dimensioning can be an important tool for people who are using field-based GIS applications like GeoMedia Smart Client. Dimensioning can allow you to get accurate measurements of objects in the database to compare them with the real-life objects in the field. If the measurements differ, you need the ability to take the field measurements and redline or “sketch” them into the GIS for reference and possible inclusion in the database later.

How do I add redlining and dimensioning to my GeoMedia Smart Client workflow?

Even though these functions may be vital to your workflow, including them in the GeoMedia Smart Client is not a trivial matter. Fortunately, we have added a How To entry is an entry in the GeoMedia Smart Client wiki which describes how to store dimensioning and redlining elements at the database.

In general you have to follow three steps to store the elements successfully:

  1. Create a table in your Database (SQL Server & Oracle statements are on the wiki page).
  2. Change the Interpretation (you  may have to scroll down a little bit) to Redline or Dimensioning.
  3. Change the right of the desired feature to Modify.

Now you are ready to deploy the Workflows and enable your field users to utilise these powerful tools in their daily work!