IGNITE Worldwide Tour Winds Down… But the Best Is Yet to Come!

Hexagon Geospatial’s global series of IGNITE workshops concludes on April 26 in São Paulo, Brazil, but the real excitement now lies ahead. For those unfamiliar with the IGNITE sessions, the goal was to introduce the world to Smart M.Apps, an innovative way to solve real world issues in an intelligent, intuitive and interesting way.

The São Paulo session concludes 32 IGNITE sessions conducted around the globe—from Moscow to Melbourne to Mexico City—that have averaged nearly 50 attendees each. During the sessions, attendees not only learned and brainstormed about the powerful ways Smart M.Apps can be used, but also gained hands-on app development experience with live guidance from Hexagon professionals.

Attendees at the Singapore IGNITE session share their enthusiasm for Smart M.Apps.

Attendees at the Singapore IGNITE session share their enthusiasm for Smart M.Apps.

As an added incentive, attendees were encouraged to submit ideas for apps developed with Smart M.Apps in a contest that will reward the top 20 ideas with a share of $260,000 in cash prizes—including a $100,000 award for the No. 1 submission—within their choice of the following theme categories:

  • Finance
  • Food
  • Safety
  • Infrastructure
  • Health
  • Conservation

Attendees Submit a Host of Smart M.App Ideas

So far, over 200 innovators from 40 countries have signed up to participate in the IGNITE Challenge. The Smart M.App idea submissions received include a wide range of interesting and innovative applications. From Kenya comes an app that provides real-time traffic conditions, while a team in India, where environmental pollution is on the rise, is working on an app that supports decision making in addressing and mitigating pollution problems.

The IGNITE session in Pretoria, South Africa, was packed with inquisitive attendees.

The IGNITE session in Pretoria, South Africa, was packed with inquisitive attendees.

In South Africa, where many of the world’s diamond mines exist, an app that analyzes the probability of underground pillar collapse is under way. Meanwhile, a Swiss team is developing an app to assess transportation networks, and an app called PanicStop is being built in Australia for the purpose of locating the nearest source of assistance during an emergency situation.

These are only a few of Smart M.App idea submissions, but they clearly illustrate the versatility and power of the Smart M.App platform. As the IGNITE sessions wind down, the challenging process now begins to review the idea submissions and narrow them down to just 20.

Attendees at the London IGNITE session share ideas during a break.

Attendees at the London IGNITE session share ideas during a break.

“When we conceived the idea for the IGNITE contest, we had high hopes for a good number of Smart M.App submissions covering a diverse range of topics,” says Mladen Stojic, Hexagon Geospatial President. “Clearly, however, the quality and creativity of the submissions so far has exceeded our expectations. It won’t be an easy task to choose the 20 finalists.”

Finalists, as well as those who don’t make the final cut, also will have the opportunity to feature their Smart M.Apps on the M.App Exchange, Hexagon’s online storefront. This is a way for developers to build Smart M.Apps and present their solutions for sale to a global market. You can view the currently featured Smart M.Apps on the M.App Exchange.

It’s Not Too Late To Jump In!

There’s still time to submit your Smart M.App idea, i.e., business plan, and compete for a share of the prize money! We’ve extended the submission deadline to May 8, 2016 at 11:59 PM EDT. If you’d like to take part in the IGNITE contest, your idea must be submitted before or at this time. The judging will take place during the following six weeks and finalists will be announced at HxGN LIVE, the company’s annual international conference in Anaheim, Calif., June 13-16. Finalists will then have until Aug. 31 to build and submit their Smart M.Apps. Winners will be announced and prizes distributed during the first half of December.

The cash awards are as follows:

1st Place………….. $100,000

2nd Place…………… $50,000

3rd Place…………… $25,000

The remaining 17 finalists each will receive a $5,000 cash award.

If you’re curious you can learn more about using Smart M.Apps in general.

If you’re a developer who would like to enter the IGNITE contest, you still have until May 8 to submit your business plan; or get more information if you’re simply interested in marketing your Smart M.App solution to a global audience

Note: Although these Smart M.Apps are no longer available, you can browse through tons of other Smart M.Apps on the M.App Exchange.

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