HxGN LIVE Resiliency Series: Making the best use of information and intelligence for national defense

Staying ahead of threats is not an easy task for defense organizations. More and better information is key, but making the best use of mission critical data can be a challenge.

Register now for the HxGN LIVE Resiliency Series, where industry experts will discuss how military organizations and solution providers can achieve new levels of situational awareness.

The series will take place June 8, 10, 15, and 17. There’s no charge to attend, and it doesn’t require a large time commitment; attendees can log in on the days and for the sessions they want.

Defense topics we’ll cover during the series include:

  • Enabling better mission planning with real-time data
  • Assisting C2 from the HQ to the battlefield
  • Providing visual analysis across air, land, sea, and joint operations
  • Seizing the opportunity for faster and better imagery intelligence
  • Achieving tactical intelligence at the edge

Here’s a look at some of the sessions that will be featured in the HxGN LIVE Resiliency Series.

Powering Your Solutions with a Next-Gen Geospatial Engine

June 8

Locational intelligence is powering today’s most disruptive products. Many solutions and applications require map interfaces to model, correlate, analyze, and visualize data in space and time.

In this session, you will discover how startups and established, worldwide tech companies leverage Luciad technology in their solutions. We will also highlight new Luciad features and functionalities available in Luciad 2021, and we will reveal features that are on the roadmap for the longer term.

Enhancing the Google Earth Experience for Government and Defense Agencies

June 10

Many government and defense organizations rely on Google Earth to visualize geospatial information, but search for a more robust solution when it comes to integrating their enterprise and mission data or operating in disconnected environments. Traditional GIS systems that support these requirements can be expensive and require special training. Google Earth Enterprise Platform (GEEP) is an affordable, easy-to-use solution that takes the familiar Google Earth experience to the next level. GEEP automates time-consuming geoprocessing workflows, incorporates your geospatial data directly into the application, and lets you operate in multiple environments (e.g., desktop, mobile, and disconnected mode).

Attend this session to learn how GEEP can support your geospatial requirements and discover recent innovations that expedite globe building, significantly reduce the size of datasets, extend situational awareness to deployed personnel with mobile devices, and more.

Rapid Mapping for the Warfighter

June 15

Defense, intelligence, and national mapping organizations are often tasked with generating a wide range of accurately detailed mapping products that support a variety of missions. Additionally, these agencies are expected to provide mapping products to warfighters and other mission partners faster than ever before. But manual cartographic workflows based on traditional GIS software can be complex, painstakingly long to process, and error prone.

During this session Elliott Ferguson, vice president for Geospatial Solutions at Hexagon US Federal, will discuss how Hexagon is enabling today’s map production organizations to overcome the challenges they face today and produce mission-critical maps in record time while also substantially improving the quality of products they provide to warfighters and other mission partners.

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