HxGN LIVE Resiliency Series: Capture, measure, visualize reality to create a digital world

Across myriad industries, digitalization is transforming the way business is done and decisions are made, and in this time of uncertainty around the world, dealing with this transformation can be daunting.

It doesn’t have to be.

During the HxGN LIVE Resiliency Series, industry experts will discuss how organizations can intelligently capture, visualize and analyze the physical world and enable data-driven decision-making.

Topics we’ll cover during the series include:

  • How to capture and process 3D railway data and features to improve planning and operations
  • How to quickly and accurately document crime scenes and communicate important facts to colleagues and the public
  • How to intelligently monitor locations and infrastructure and alert security staff of expected or unexpected changes

We’ll be joined by experts from Hexagon’s Geosystems division who will discuss the power of reality capture and more in these sessions at HxGN LIVE Resiliency Series.

The Autonomous Train is Leaving – Make Sure to Catch It! | June 8

The estimated economic advantages of autonomous train operations are plentiful. While many and transit systems all over the world operate will some autonomy, heavy rail operates in more complex environment, which makes autonomous operations considerably way more challenging. Join our panel discussion with rail experts from different Hexagon divisions to learn how Hexagon technology can enable automated train operations to enhance safety, increase operating efficiencies, improve reliability and capacity, minimize downtime, and reduce maintenance costs.

3D Reality Capture for Crime Scene Investigations | June 10

Discover how you can use 3D technology to capture all the details of a scene under investigation and document it in any context. In this informative public safety session, we will uncover how to use point clouds to create a clear presentation of a scene, create evidence reports, and forensically study bloodstain pattern analysis, bullet trajectories, and crash scene analysis.

Security & Surveillance: There is No One-Size-Fits-All Approach | June 17

From small shops to banks, power plants to airports and railways, all the way to cities and regions, Hexagon’s security and surveillance portfolio of solutions has you covered. Attend this session to learn about this new portfolio, and how it can meet your organization’s specific security and surveillance needs. You’ll learn what solutions comprise the portfolio, which solution is best for you specific situation, and how Hexagon addresses the key challenges and pain points of security and surveillance for different industries.

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