HxGN LIVE Preview: Lesotho Uses GeoMedia Smart Client for 2016 Population and Housing Census

Now we our preview of some of the inspiring stories you can hear at HxGN LIVE 2015 in Las Vegas. This year, we have 30 breakout sessions featuring powerful customer success stories about how they have taken Hexagon Geospatial technology and used it to change the world.

This week, we take a sneak peek at one of the presentations from Geospace International.

Utilising GeoMedia Smart Client for the 2016 Population and Housing Census preparations in Lesotho

In preparation for a conventional door-to-door population and housing census, the entire country is sub-divided into small areas of land –  referred to as an Enumeration Areas (EA). Each of these EAs must be sized so one interviewer can manage all data collection during the period of enumeration.  The Lesotho Bureau of Statistics uses GeoMedia Smart Client as the main tool to enable both office and fieldwork related to the delineation of the EAs for the 2016 census. In this session, discover how they handle the pre-enumeration census mapping process. Learn how they use the flexible Smart Client workflow configuration to customize each phase of the project. In this presentation, you will learn about the process and result, and also the success and lessons learned.

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