Hexagon and North West Group Sponsor NSGIC

NSGIC, or the National States Geographic Information Council, is an organization charged with promoting the effective coordination of geospatial activities and interests between U.S. states.  Huge advocates of integrated, collaborative geospatial systems and infrastructure, NSGIC places a premium on the advancement of national geospatial policy and initiatives to support the public and private sector alike.

In order to achieve a unified voice on geospatial issues, each state provides a delegate, usually a state GIO or prominent person in the state’s geospatial community.  These delegates gather twice a year, first at the Midyear conference (February) and again at the full Annual conference (September).  These conferences provide the opportunity for NSGIC leaders and other interested parties from federal, state, local government, non-profit and academic sectors, to come together and get up to date on the most current issues facing the national geospatial community.  Furthermore, NSGIC conferences provide the opportunity to network, meet peers from other states and federal programs, and ultimately understand new ideas and where opportunities for collaboration are possible.

Hexagon and North West Group in the Spotlight at NSGIC

Hexagon is a Silver Sponsor for NSGIC’s 2014 conference in Charleston in September.  Also, aerial mapping provider North West Group is a Platinum sponsor of NSGIC this year.  Hexagon recently acquired North West Group,  also gaining ownership of subsidiary Valtus whose business it is to provide streaming geospatial content from various providers.  The Valtus business is being rebranded as the Hexagon Content Program and will stream a variety of professional-level geospatial data, including 1-foot GSD orthos, densely-correlated point clouds (Semi-Global Matching), five-band (BGRN-Z) true orthos, and stereo.

The Hexagon Content program is already available as part of the Hexagon Geospatial Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) program. Our ELA provides unlimited access to the Hexagon Geospatial Power Portfolio, and end-to-end geospatial workflows that you can scale as needed. This includes a comprehensive package of the leading remote sensing, GIS, photogrammetry, data management, web, mobile, and compression products for one annual subscription price.

Contact me for more information, and see you at NSGIC 2014 this fall!

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