Hexagon Geospatial South Africa Partner Shows Entrepreneurial Spirit

Achieving success can be a challenge for any business. From staying one-step-ahead of the competition to offering the most cutting-edge solutions for customers, today’s business leaders require a mixture of tenacity, intelligence and strong work ethic.

VVal Mentz GEO Data Designalerie Mentz, the majority shareholder of Geo Data Design — our partner in South Africa — is a prime example of a business leader who knows how to achieve success.  After receiving many business awards and gaining a reputation for being an entrepreneur who builds successful start ups from scratch, Valerie bought Geo Data Design in 2013 and has already established a solid track record of success.

Valerie was recently profiled in the Cape Town Chamber of Commerce’s magazine called Chamber. The article highlights how she jumped into the geospatial arena with minimal experience and was able to build out a robust pipeline of opportunities.

Much of this success can be attributed to the five elements of business success, which Valerie highlighted in the article.  These include understanding your market, the risks and rewards, as well as knowing the cash flow that is required. She also credits keeping overhead low and nurturing a culture of saving as additional keys to success.

A key driver for Hexagon Geospatial’s success in the EMEA region comes down to empowered partners. Geo Data Design is a prime example of a partner that leveraging the right strategies for long-term growth and success.

With Valerie leading the organization, it’s clearly going to be a bright future for Geo Data Design.  We applaud her efforts and look forward to achieving more collective business success in South Africa.