Hexagon Geospatial Defence Summit 2015 – Western Europe

Successful premiere of a new conference for the European IMINT community

Attendees from The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Estonia, Austria, India, France, the United Kingdom and Italy met at Vaalserberg, at the tripoint of the Dutch, German and Belgium borders, for the Hexagon Geospatial Defence Summit from the 19th till the 21st of May 2015. The three days were a perfect platform for information transfer and networking, dedicated to members of the European IMINT, defence, security, and CIMIC communities. The event was organized by GEOSYSTEMS and Imagem, both Hexagon Geospatial channel partners in Germany and Benelux.

Claudio Mingrino, Executive Director EMEA at Hexagon Geospatial, opened the conference with his keynote, and presented the latest Hexagon Geospatial defence solutions and references from all parts of the world. For the following one and half days, “automation” was definitely one main topic on the agenda. The participants had a look at various operational workflows to automate map production, generate derived geospatial products or process UAS data. The research side was also covered by a presentation about the detection of persons and their activities from full motion video data. Satellite data providers like GAF, European Space Imaging and Airbus Defence & Space supported the event, and gave latest insights about the use of commercial satellite imaging for defence and security applications, especially when it comes to rapid response actions. Simulation data bases, secure data management and aerial photo analyses for explosive ordnance clearings were additional topics that rounded up a fully interesting agenda.

The event also included an one-day pre-conference training. Experienced trainers presented the entire IMINT workflow with Hexagon Geospatial products in six training sessions of 45 minutes each, and the attendees could practice several processing steps at their own laptops.

The charming conference venue warrants special mention. Instead of an usual business-like seminar room, the participants arrived in a rustic restaurant that the organizers had transformed into a fully equipped auditorium. The famous maze, situated nearby the conference restaurant, turned out to be the popular highlight of the social program. Single or in little groups, silent or eagerly discussing the right strategy, the geo experts searched their way through crooked, green alleys – and finally reached the arrival point where a little (drinkable) reward was waiting for everybody.

“Overall very interesting conference covering very wide spectrum of topics, and every presentation was relevant. Good job!” summed up one attendee his experiences.

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