GEOSYSTEMS User Group Meeting Gathered Hexagon Geospatial Users in Germany

On the 11th to the 13th of November 2014, the  annual GEOSYSTEMS User Group Meeting (UGM) was held in Stadthalle Germering near Munich, Germany. More than 120 attendees from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands brought together remote sensing, photogrammetry and GIS experts from industry, science and administration.

GEOSYSTEMS, a longtime Hexagon Geospatial and Intergraph Partner, has organized annual ERDAS user conferences for more than 20 years. This year’s  three-day program was dedicated to provide up-to-date product information, diverse best practices, a great social event, hands-on training and unlimited networking. More than 20 presentations and workshops covered the entire Hexagon Geospatial product suite including a preview of the upcoming 2015 Power Portfolio by Georg Hammerer, Chief Sales Offices at Hexagon Geospatial.

Getting to Know Your Geospatial Technology through Speed Dating

This year, GEOSYSTEMS decidGeosystems UGM2014ed to try something new. They kicked things off with a “speed-dating” session. Each attendee moved from one “dating” station to another. At each of the eight stations GEOSYSTEMS staff and partners presented a product or technology in only eight minutes. This provided everyone a broad introduction to all of the pieces of technology that would be explored in more depth for the rest of the conference.

After this successful start, a wide varitey of speakers showcased how they use Hexagon Geospatial and Intergraph software to solve their business problems.

Day Two: Workshops, Training, and Workflows

The second day was dedicated to a number of  software workshops peppered with lots of tips and tricks. GEOSYSTEMS software experts showcased how to easily set up a spatial data management system with ERDAS APOLLO, to classify point clouds in ERDAS IMAGINE, to build an individual user interface in IMAGINE 2015, to generate 3D city models with tridicon, to process hyperspectral data in ERDAS IMAGINE, to connect vector data handling in GeoMedia with raster data handling in ERDAS IMAGINE and how to capture and edit data with the GeoMedia SmartClient.

There was also an industry exhibition by the Hexagon companies Intergraph SG&I, Leica Geosystems and the Austrian GEOSYSTEMS partner GRID-IT. It was a great success and I look forward to participating again nexxt year!

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