Geospatial Technology Helps Authorities Manage Monsoon Traffic

The monsoon period in India is a welcome respite from the scorching sun, but the incessant rain brings with it many challenges that are hard to envision in the sunny weather. Heavy rains on oversaturated land lead to flooding streets. This reduces the number of drivable lanes, which cascades into huge and debilitating traffic jams. Failing to manage monsoon traffic isn’t just inconvenient, it waterlogs the entire socioeconomic system.

Witnessing the current situation of most of the states and territories leads one to ask: Are we really ready and equipped to become a Smart City? Urban flooding and drainage departments need to better manage and maintain their drainage system. Civic infrastructure and municipal authorities need to revise their plans and build well-designed road networks. All of this puts a heavy stress on IT infrastructure.

How Geospatial Technology Helps Manage Monsoon Traffic and Flooding

Large and widespread natural phenomena like the monsoons can lead to massive chaos across the affected region. Coming to grips with this requires advancement in both technology and urban infrastructure. Technology helps us to understand the situation so we can plan, design, build, and adapt our infrastructure. With over 40 years of experience in geospatial industry, Hexagon Geospatial helps make sense of the dynamically changing world.

Our smart solutions and products help municipalities, local governments, and Public Works Departments adapt their infrastructure. The modern geospatial Power Portfolio helps to effectively and efficiently map and plan the dikes, canals and pumping stations that comprise the city drainage system.  The newly designed Smart M.App Portfolio will help you analyse assets and operational records. Understanding the past and current state of your infrastructure allows a smart city administration perform predictive analysis, resulting in better informed policy-making.

Learn more about how our solutions and products help transform dynamic analytics into business intelligence and smarter decision-making.

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