Save Money on Software with Our Geospatial Education Program

How do you stay up-to-date on the changing technology behind the geospatial industry? Hexagon Geospatial realizes the future of business and academic communities are often intertwined, and by working together, we can help the world make smarter decisions. We continue to work closely with universities on a global scale on innovation and new technology. To build on these relationships, we are excited to announce the Smart M.Apps for EDU Education Program.

The Smart M.App EDU program encourages students, professors and researchers to build their own geospatial applications with the Hexagon Smart M.App platform. A Hexagon Smart M.App is a cloud-based application that focuses on communicating geographic information in near real-time. These Smart M.Apps turn complex geospatial information into need-to-know business analytics for decision makers across multiple industries. The program also offers participants the possibility to partner with Hexagon Geospatial to sell their newly developed Smart M.Apps on the Marketplace.

All Smart M.Apps start from an idea. Those ideas can become a reality when students and professors use Hexagon Geospatial’s robust M.App Portfolio to develop their Map of the Future. What is YOUR idea? How will YOU shape the geospatial industry? During our recent IGNITE competition focused around building Smart M.Apps, we had several universities participate and qualify as finalists. Lukasz Lechowski from the University of Łódź developed .Geo, a Smart M.App to help children learn geography by using localized games. Another participant Jinfei Wang from the University of Western Ontario was chosen as a finalist for her Smart M.App, Time Space Visualizer allowing users to see space-time series imagery, temporal statistics using graphs and tables in a user-selected area.

The Smart M.Apps for EDU program allows students and researchers to purchase a single subscription, and/or classroom and department size packages for the university at an education-discounted rate.

Smart M.Apps for EDU includes access to:

  • M.App Studio: the GUI to build and create apps
  • M.App Chest: Bronze edition (10gb) to upload, compress, share, download and create web services
  • M.App Reader: To preview data as web services and find data from Partner providers to use in the Smart M.App platform.
  • Access to selected SDKs, APIs and Development Toolkits (API Console)
  • Access to HGDN specific areas in the Hexagon Geospatial Community

Please let us know if you would like  more information or to purchase this offering. We look forward to hearing what your next big idea is for the Map of the Future.

To learn more about Smart M.Apps for EDU and other exciting education initiatives for 2017, check out the Education webpage!