Geospatial Demonstrations at INTERGEO 2017

As we approach of INTERGEO 2017, the excitement is building. There is always a wide variety of powerful solutions on display, from the latest versions of the traditional powerhouse software platforms to innovators who are disrupting the industry in truly innovative ways. This year, we will be displaying a little bit of both.

Geospatial Platform for Big Data Management

Geospatial data is and has always been big data. The explosion of sensors ranging from small sats to UAV/UAS/drones and the increasing footprint of free data from Earth Observation programs like Copernicus and Sentinel data clearly indicate that this is not going to change anytime soon.

The challenge is real. Not only do we need to collect, manage, and locate the data, simply keeping up with the influx of data necessitates a significant change in how we process and analyze the data.

At this demo station, we will be highlighting the latest updates to ERDAS APOLLO and ECW compression products, as well as to Hexagon Geospatial’s desktop-based GIS, remote sensing, and photogrammetry industry-leading solutions industry-leading solutions of  ImageStation, ERDAS IMAGINE, and GeoMedia. These workhorse software packages continue to drive the geospatial industry, and we are proud of their continued development and innovation.

But the seas are changing and image processing and exploitation have to change with them. For instance, the defense and public safety industries have a vested interest in ensuring that their analysis keeps pace with the data influx. They need to manage data, access it from a variety of locations, and perform analysis using the powerful computational resources of the cloud. Our new product M.App X demonstrates how the Defense industry is taking on this challenge.

M.App X, a candidate to 2017 Wichmann award, is a Cloud-Based Exploitation system, enabling System Integrators to provide tools for the exploitation of huge amount of imagery and the creation of intelligence and reports. It automates many of the mundane processes, freeing the analyst up to do the important work of data interpretation and information generation.

Geospatial Platform for Smart City Dashboard

Smart Cities are faced with ever-evolving challenges. Every city is different, and each city has its own needs and challenges. While there are frequently similarities between the challenges they face, they need the ability to quickly customize their own solutions for their own unique needs.

Traditionally, this has been a burden on the GIS and geospatial departments of the city, and by the time the map is created, the data they used is out-of-date.

They need a dynamic solution to a dynamic problem. The Hexagon Smart M.App can be part of that solution. These cloud-hosted or on-premises platforms empower municipalities to build their own lightweight dynamic geospatial information services. The M.App Portfolio provides the tools you need to build services that can be focused enough to provide answers to specific problems without taking too long to generate. Then, because they can connect to dynamic data sources, they can quickly update to provide a dynamic, time-series view into your data.

M.App Enterprise provides the ability to create and distribute your own Hexagon Smart M.Apps within your own on-premises network. Stop by and see the many use cases for this deployment, from Utilities to Census mapping.

Tools like the Analyzer Suite empower you to connect incident, area, and network data and visualize that in a dashboard. It has a wide variety of uses, from crime analysis, change detection, Agriculture, Pavement/traffic conditions, to Social Media Sentiment value and World Wide Web Sentiment Values. The Incident Analyzer, part of the Analyser Suite, was so impressive that it won the 2016 Wichmann Innovation award for software.

Our network of highly skilled and forward-thinking Business Partners have been using the Smart M.App technology to build their own Smart M.Apps. Stop by to see the Rheticus Network Alert, IMAGEM Smart City Apps, Smart Emission, Smart Road Management and how these Smart M.Apps are truly changing the way Smart Cities make decisions.

Where can you find us?

Want to see some of these solutions? Need to ask a question or reconnect with our team? Stop by our Digital Realities booth in Hall 1.1 at Booth A1.024.

Hope to see you there!

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