What’s New in GeoMedia Smart Client 2016

The unveiling of the new Graphical Designer in Workflow Manager, as well as the revamped Style Editor in GeoMedia Smart Client 2016 means that it is now even easier to use this product to build highly constrained and optimized workflows, including robust symbology, without having to be a programmer!

The new interface lets domain experts define their day-to-day business workflows more easily and therefore respond faster to business requirement changes, reducing the time to market.


  • The center of the workspace is the canvas, where you design the workflow, form, or list.
  • On the left side, the Toolbox panel contains the components that you drag and drop, and re-arrange when you want, into the canvas. These components may change depending on which features you are using. Currently, you see the widgets that you can place onto a form.
  • On the right side, you see the Properties panel, which lets you change options in the workflow, form, or list.


At the top of the screen, you see the options that let you add custom styles or scripts. For example, you can use your own ValueProviders or JavaScript code. The Workflow Manager is also fully backward compatible.


Responsive Design for Mobile in Workflow Manager

Most organizations know mobile is a game-changing opportunity, and are developing strategies to provide business workflows on smart mobile devices. Workflow Manager has a device-agnostic user interface, enabling you to deliver streamlined business workflows based on a single configuration.

Style Editor Now Even Easier to Use

The new Style Editor lets you create styles quickly and easily by using templates. You can configure complex styles to fit your needs.  The new Style Editor is based on the latest web technologies, so it now supports browsers natively and reduces security vulnerabilities. Because it is no longer dependent on the JAVA plug-in, the Style Editor loads much faster.


There is a new functionality in Style Editor, which lets you see a bigger preview of the style within the editor. This is very useful for large items such as the charts in the Piechart Symbolizer.


Post GIS Support Increases Your Database Options


Connect to the leading geospatial open-source database natively. Use a seamless integration into GeoMedia Smart Client and Workflow Manager.


Enhanced Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Support

Consume OGC services (such as WMS and WFS) directly in the client to ensure best performance and user experience. In addition, to ensure that your data are safe, GeoMedia Smart Client now supports secure OGC services.



ECW can now be Reprojected and Secure

With GeoMedia Smart Client 2016 you can transform ECWs natively on the client side. This means that the ECWs no longer have to be in the same coordinate system as your project.

If you have username and password protected ECW files that you want to display in GeoMedia Smart Client, you can now consume them.

Extended raster format support

GeoMedia Smart Client now has native support for all major raster formats including ECW, native rotated raster support, and improved raster performance.  For example, you don’t have to install GeoMedia WebMap anymore to display your MrSID or JPG files.

The “Icing on the Cake” (Extra Enhancements)

You can now see the coordinates of a feature on the map by using the Geometry Information dialog. Right click on the feature that you want, and select Geometry Information.


The coordinates of the feature are displayed in the Coordinates tab.


If you want to select a feature by using a circular fence on the Search tab, you can now specify the distance of the circle in the unit of the coordinate system.



For more information about GeoMedia Smart Client, read the Product Release Details.

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